Company behind Axie Infinity launches new NFT marketplace

Company behind Axie Infinity launches new NFT marketplace

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, has launched its first generalized NFT marketplace, Mavis Market, on its native blockchain Ronin.

New NFT marketplace to foster web3 monetization

The new Mavis NFT marketplace is the next step to providing these builders, and others, with the tools they require to improve blockchain gaming experiences. The marketplaces allow the monetization of web3 games through secondary and primary market activity. 

Users can access the Mavis Market to carry out trades, list, and launch digital collectibles and crypto. Its listings will appear in RON, and users can transact using tokens such as WETH, USDC, RON, and AXS. Meanwhile, all backend swaps will be done by the Katana DEX

The Mavis Marketplace fee structure is set to align incentives between the Ronin network, Sky Mavis, and the creators. Hence, creators can select their fee percentages for their work. On the other hand, Sky Mavis receives a fixed fee for their contribution towards building and maintaining the marketplace.

The marketplace has a 0.5% fee for all NFT transactions, which will go to the Ronin Treasury. As for creator royalties, Mavis Market will enforce them at the protocol level to ensure NFT projects remain sustainable. In line with this, contracts deployed on Ronin need whitelist access, preventing money-oriented marketplaces from deploying and removing builder royalties. 

So far, the marketplace has listed two NFT collections, ‘Sidekicks NFTs’ and ‘Axie Doll.’ 

Sky Mavis is going global

In March, Sky Mavis partnered with Tribes Studio, Bali Games, Directive Games, SkyVu, and to drive adoption. The platform is now aiming to put Axie Infinity in the global discussion.

Sky Mavis’ new marketplace announcement came within hours of reports on Sky Mavis securing approval from Apple’s App Store to list its Axie Infinity: Origins card game. The game was previously accessible in limited regions through Mavis Hub and Google’s Play Store. 

The game has almost 1.5 million installs across all platforms, and the company is looking to expand globally to reach more users. Sky Mavis co-founder, Jeffrey Zirlin, mentioned that they were gathering data to prepare for a potential launch globally. 

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