CoinMarketCap announces new show based on Shark Tank

CoinMarketCap announces new show based on Shark Tank

CoinMarketCap, the widely-used platform for tracking cryptocurrency prices, has announced the launch of “Killer Whales”, a reality TV competition. The new show takes inspiration from the well-known series “Shark Tank” and offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their Web3 projects to a panel of judges, including entrepreneurs, influencers, and founders of Web3 companies.

Crypto whales turned into celebrities?

Hello Labs, a Web3 entertainment company, is partnering with CoinMarketCap to launch the “Killer Whales” program. Starting from May 2, applicants can submit their entries to and CoinMarketCap. Selected candidates will go through a series of interviews in Hollywood, California, and the filming for the show is expected to start in June.

“Our aim is to open the door to the next billion users into Web3 by entertaining and educating them on all things crypto,” said Hello Labs’ CEO Sander Gortjes in a statement.

The ultimate goal of the show is to demonstrate the broad spectrum of applications for blockchain technology and to foster widespread interest in cryptocurrency among the masses. There will be a panel of judges consisting of accomplished founders and entrepreneurs who are searching for projects with the potential to create a substantial impact in the Web3 industry.

The series will be widely distributed across all major streaming platforms, as well as Hello Labs’ on-demand Hello TV service.

Web3 themed TV entertainment is gaining traction

Several TV shows related to Web3 have emerged in recent months, indicating an increasing interest in cryptocurrency among mass media audiences. One upcoming show is ‘Krapopolis” created by Dan Harmon, co-creator of the popular animated show “Rick and Morty,” which is set to air on Fox in 2023. In August, the show launched its first NFT collection, called “Krap Chicken,” which permits owners to vote on show elements, gain access to exclusive content, and earn rewards.

The surge in popularity of NFTs has been a driving force behind the growing fascination with Web3. These one-of-a-kind digital assets have found diverse applications, from art and music to gaming and sports. Now entrepreneurs worldwide will have the unique opportunity to present their groundbreaking concepts to a worldwide audience through “Killer Whales.”

Captivating a new audience of potential crypto users

Viewers of all levels of familiarity with the crypto world will find “Killer Whales” to be an entertaining and informative experience as the show explores the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The program’s focus on both education and entertainment ensures that it will appeal to a broad audience, whether they are seasoned crypto enthusiasts or newcomers curious about the potential of Web3.

By launching “Killer Whales,” both CoinMarketCap and Binance, the owners of the price tracking platform, have the chance to extend their brand and attract a larger audience.

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