CoinGecko introduces new NFT tracker

CoinGecko introduces new NFT tracker

CoinGecko, the comprehensive blockchain data aggregation site, has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection tracker. This recent addition to its arsenal of NFT tools allows traders and enthusiasts to monitor prominent collections of their choosing in both a web browser and app setting.

Keep track of your favorite collections with CoinGecko

After announcing multi-chain NFT tracking last month, CoinGecko is now introducing a new feature that enables users to watch their preferred NFT collections and even those they may not be keen on. It offers a range of insightful metrics, including floor price, market cap, number of owners, and 24-hour volume, adding a whole new level of transparency to the NFT market.

Getting started is straightforward. Users must log into their CoinGecko account, locate the NFT collection they wish to track, and click the ‘add to NFT portfolio’ star. Once this is selected, they simply hover over ‘Portfolio’ in the navigation bar, click on ‘My NFTs’, and instantly, they have a real-time feed of the collection’s status.

The new NFT portfolio tracker is an innovative add-on to CoinGecko’s already robust platform, reinforcing its existing floor price tracker. The latter, a previously introduced tool, provides a detailed examination of an NFT collection’s price history, starting from its inception to the present day.

In addition, the floor price tracker shares information about the price of the collection in its native token, as well as its equivalent value in $USD at that specific moment. This dual information offers users a comprehensive understanding of the collection’s value in a familiar currency and its native digital token.

Creating a new type of Index for the NFT market

Another platform making waves in the NFT space is Forkast Labs, a company that unites the strengths of both CryptoSlam and Forkast.News. This new platform merges media distribution and data analytics into a single platform, creating a novel type of NFT Index.

As new features and initiatives from CoinGecko, Forkast Labs, and other companies spring up, it will be easier to make on-chain data useful for the expanding digital economy. CoinGecko’s latest addition addresses this need, providing users with efficient tools so they can better navigate the turbulent waters of the NFT space.

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