Innovation you don’t want to miss: Coinbase is the 1st major CEX to release a messaging feature on its wallet

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Innovation you don’t want to miss: Coinbase is the 1st major CEX to release a messaging feature on its wallet

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest centralized exchanges (CEXs), has launched an encrypted messaging feature in its self-custodial wallet application. This feature enhances user communication and interaction with the Web3 ecosystem, cementing Coinbase’s position as a leading innovator in the crypto space.

Leveraging web3 technologies for user interaction

Continuing to push the boundaries of cryptocurrency usability, Coinbase, the US-based Web3 titan, has announced a new feature in their wallet – an encrypted messaging service. 

The new wallet feature will facilitate a more social and connected experience for its user base, unlocking a new world of possibilities for decentralized communication. It will allow users to search for and discover new friends, and send cryptocurrencies through messages without paying gas fees, all while guaranteeing the encryption, security, and privacy of a web3 wallet, according to the company announcement.

The feature has been built in collaboration with Texas-based startup XMTP, using its open-source Web3 messaging network. Unlike conventional crypto transactions, this service enables human-readable communication between Ethereum addresses, creating an easier and more accessible user experience. With this, wallet users can now communicate, engage with crypto communities, and make crypto payments in an intuitive way.

The messaging service expands upon the conventional functionality of crypto wallets by providing a platform for users to connect directly with other users who own the same digital assets. Moreover, it promotes secure interaction, helping to alleviate common issues such as accidental transactions to incorrect addresses, false claims of .eth name ownership, and fraudulent social media profiles claiming wallet addresses they do not own.

As a part of Web3’s promise of greater data control, Coinbase has ensured that users can transfer their data to any XMTP-compatible application, enhancing portability and interoperability. This move manifests the commitment to decentralization and adherence to Web3 values.

Coinbase Wallet Banner
Coinbase Wallet Banner

Expansion and innovation amid regulatory challenges

Despite the recent lawsuit by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Coinbase, the company continues to innovate and expand its offerings. In the face of the SEC’s allegations, Coinbase has stood firm in its commitment to users, constantly pushing boundaries for what self-custodial wallets can achieve.

Coinbase Wallet, launched as a mobile application in 2017, has seen consistent upgrades over time, from the introduction of transaction previews to flagging potentially malicious smart contracts. The new messaging feature is a testament to Coinbase’s continued commitment to user-centric services.

XMTP’s messaging network will also be used for announcements and alerts, expanding the service’s functionalities beyond just private messaging. This expansion of services is an indicator of Coinbase’s strategic growth, even as it navigates regulatory uncertainties.

Pioneering the messaging frontier in the crypto sphere

While Coinbase is not the first to explore Web3 messaging, it is undeniably the largest player to do so. With a global user base of 1.3 million, Coinbase’s integration of XMTP’s technology into its wallet could potentially change the way users interact with the crypto world.

Moreover, users will not have to pay gas fees for transactions conducted in the USDC stablecoin, providing an added incentive for engagement. By bringing popular web 2.0 features into the crypto sphere, Coinbase Wallet is transforming into more than just a key holder, and instead is evolving into an interactive and social platform.

Coinbase’s exploration of Web3 messaging marks a significant milestone in the convergence of social media, communication, and the burgeoning world of crypto, paving the way for the future of digital asset interaction. This new feature has the potential to revolutionize the way users perceive and interact with cryptocurrencies, opening up new avenues for Coinbase and the wider Web3 ecosystem.

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