Coinbase launches a new creator hub for NFTs

Coinbase launches a new creator hub for NFTs

Coinbase has introduced a new Creation Center, which provides NFT developers with various tools for creating and marketing their collections.

Coinbase NFT unveils creator hub for NFT creators

The Coinbase NFT Marketplace has now launched a brand-new Creator Hub to provide NFT creators with an extensive collection of tools. The new platform offers several tools to aid creators in establishing and expanding their audience and enabling them to launch and market their NFT collections.

According to Coinbase NFT official Twitter page, the Creator Hub is designed to serve as a complete resource center for various tools. With the aid of these tools, users may start NFT collections in three easy steps: picking contracts, selecting the minting preferences, modifying photos, descriptions, price, and minting time, and adding the items to their collections. The wallet is now available in the market for sale.

In addition, users may receive help from the Creator Center in creating Discord bots to track NFT sales on Coinbase NFT, OpenSea, and LooksRare. It also helps users to query and download complete lists of NFT holders, incorporating NFT collections on their websites, and create token-gated experiences that NFT holders can only access.

Coinbase NFT’s Creator Hub empowers creators with comprehensive analytics and tools

Within the creator hub, several analytical tools help creators understand their audience and optimize their collections for the highest level of interaction. These tools provide data on holder wallets, trading volumes, and other analytics that might assist creators in making reasonable choices regarding their collections.

The NFT community has embraced the opening of the Creator Hub, and many users have praised the company for its initiatives to promote creators. For the first time in a very long time, Coinbase NFT has significantly upgraded its platform, which could be due to the increasing competition from other platforms like OpenSea and Blur.

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