Coffeezilla busts another celebrity promoting fake NFT project

Coffeezilla busts another celebrity promoting fake NFT project

A performance art project by Youtuber Coffeezilla led to MMA fighter Dillon Danis unwittingly promoting a fake NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Coffeezilla exposes MMA fighter

Coffeezilla, a YouTube creator and internet investigator, exposed another shady promotion practice of an NFT project by a celebrity. This time, it was MMA athlete Dillon Danis’ endorsement of a fake NFT project, Sourz. The YouTuber brought attention to Danis’ tweet featuring a digital image and a website link, which Coffeezilla described as blatantly spelling out “S.C.A.M.”

The MMA fighter overlooked a crucial detail included in the FAQ section of the website, explicitly stating that investing in the “Sourz” NFTs was not possible and presenting it as a demonstration of the lack of caution exercised by influencers. Furthermore, the website lists more than 20 promotional campaigns carried out by various influencers, all of which have been confirmed as fraudulent.

Coffeezilla also noted the fighter’s failure to reveal that he was compensated for promoting the scheme on Twitter. Danis has faced numerous criticisms for his business conduct in the past, including accusations of animal mistreatment and participation in illegal activities. Additionally, Danis is facing backlash for withdrawing from a bout against U.K. YouTuber and boxer KSI.

Coffeezilla’s investigative reporting sheds light on NFT scams

Coffeezilla’s recent revelation regarding Dillon Danis is just one in a string of crypto and NFT scams that the YouTuber has exposed. In December 2022, Coffeezilla brought attention to Logan Paul, a popular internet personality, through a series of investigative videos. In this series, Coffeezilla investigated the fraudulent CryptoZoo NFT project and Logan Paul’s involvement in the project.

The exposure led to a class-action lawsuit being filed against Paul, his manager, and other parties involved in the scam. Despite Paul’s efforts to rectify the situation, the lawsuit was pursued, cementing Coffeezilla’s reputation as a trusted voice in the online community dedicated to uncovering unethical practices in the cryptocurrency sphere. 

Celebrities’ shady promotion practices

The popularity of NFTs has generated heightened interest in the world of cryptocurrency, with many seeking to take advantage of the trend. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be cautious and steer clear of deceptive scams. The cryptocurrency arena is intricate and constantly changing, and it’s essential to stay informed to safeguard oneself from potential fraud, even when it is promoted by well-known celebrities or influencers.

On December 8th, a class-action complaint was filed by Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP on behalf of plaintiffs Adam Titcher and Adonis Real against Yuga Labs Inc. The complaint, submitted to the Central District Court of California, Western Division, alleges that the company engaged in misleading and deceptive marketing tactics.

The class-action complaint lists several defendants, including Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Neymar, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, Diplo, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and The Weeknd. These celebrities are accused of promoting the NFT collection without disclosing their financial connection to Yuga Labs and creating a false perception that the NFT collection was a profitable investment through their endorsements.

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