Coffeezilla accuses MMA legend Khabib of promoting an NFT scam 

Coffeezilla accuses MMA legend Khabib of promoting an NFT scam 

Coffeezilla recently sent a tweet accusing the legendary Khabib Nurmagomedov, former UFC lightweight champion, of operating a crypto scam. 

Coffeezilla accuses Khabib of crypto scam

The crypto world is not new to crypto-related scams, and NFT has been a hotbed in recent years. Just recently, a self-proclaimed crypto detective Coffeezilla accused undefeated MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov of operating a cryptocurrency scam using NFTs.

Coffeezilla made these recent claims after Khabib announced on February 27th the plans to launch a new NFT collection in partnership with GoMining. The UFC lightweight champion highlighted in a statement that his latest collection would give fans access to a “private club” where they can mine Bitcoin. 

The name of this new collection is the Khabib NFT collection. Reports suggest that the Khabib NFT collection artwork mainly displays mining rigs. Moreover, part of the artwork is some legendary quotes from the MMA legend during his days as a fighter.

Reports indicate that each of the issued NFTs is backed by 29 TH/s, which is a nod leveraging the number of Khabib’s victories in his MMA career. Moreover, it is alleged that the NFTs in the Khabib collection allow holders to earn BTC either by holding NFT and making BTC as rewards or playing clicker games to win a block. Therefore, reports claim that the Khabib NFT collection brings a modern alternative to the traditional bitcoin mining approaches. 

Khabib’s announcement tweet highlights that the MMA legend has worked as GMT’s brand ambassador since 2021.

However, immediately following Khabib’s tweet is Coffeezilla’s response advising Khabib to return to the ring instead of ‘scamming’ his fans. 

However, Khabib did not respond to the claims of his involvement in scamming activities. Instead, only about a day later, on March. 1, Khabib gave further details concerning the private presale of the collection. He tweeted that this private presale would start at 1 pm UTC. The tweet added that whitelisted investors would first enjoy the opportunity – but everything would be open for the crypto community starting in March. 2. 

Coffeezilla’s statement triggered a backlash

After the scam claims, Coffeezilla received social media backlash from the Khabib fandom for the utterance. Remember, this is not the first time Coffeezilla has been involved in an online war with Celebrities.

In December, Coffeezilla went after Youtube personality Logan Paul, claiming that his venture Cryptozoo was running a scam. Logan announced plans to sue the self-proclaimed crypto detective of the same. However, Coffeezilla’s statements were proven right only a few weeks later. Logan Paul also stopped his plans to sue Coffeezilla and promised some recovery for affected investors. 

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