Coca-Cola Partners with and GMUNK for Launch of 10,000 FIFA World Cup NFTs

Coca-Cola Partners with and GMUNK for Launch of 10,000 FIFA World Cup NFTs

Coca-Cola is partnering with the cryptocurrency platform and GMUNK, the digital art maker, to bring 10,000 FIFA World Cup NFTs to collectors.

NFT Inspired by Heatmap of Games

 The project seeks to create 10,000 non-fungible tokens reflecting the ‘heatmaps’ from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. 

According to an announcement released on December 5th, football fans from anywhere around the world can collect the new ‘Piece of Magic’ digital collectibles that were inspired by the FIFA World Cup. Collectors can access the NFTs via the Coca-Cola Fanzone platform.

The statement said that the 10,000 NFTs will be minted from ‘heatmaps’ generated by teams from December 5th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They will showcase the passion, power, and talent exhibited by the best teams of the tournament.

Bringing Iconic Moments to Fans

The collaboration between Coca-Cola,, and the digital artist GMUNK will record the best moments of the world cup, bringing every exciting tackle, on-field attack, and winning goal to fans as NFTs.

The artist behind the collection will be GMUNK, a veteran of the digital space who was instrumental in the creation of sci-fi graphics for Hollywood movies. With over 20 years of experience as a digital artist, his expertise will come in handy when tracking and following through with all the high points of the matches.

The artist GMUNK commented on the new collection:

“At its core, Coca-Cola ‘Piece of Magic’ uses football data as our paintbrush, defining densities, behaviors and applications of color to shape and create an immersive piece of art that embraces the spirit of football and depicts a visual story unique to each match.” 

This digitization of the actions of the FIFA World Cup is part of the commitment of Coca-Cola and to bring the best of the magical moments to fans as NFTs.

The First FIFA World Cup to Take Advantage of Web3

The NFTs can be accessed by fans who register on the Coca-Cola Fanzone platform. They have to click on the NFT banner on the page for the opportunity to win the Coca-Cola ‘Piece of Magic’ collectible.

All the NFTs are hosted on the platform, so fans must sign up with the cryptocurrency platform before they’re eligible to own the World Cup digital memorabilia. The good thing about this version of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is that the collectibles are permanently registered on a blockchain. Nazli Berberoglu, the Coca-Cola General Manager in charge of the FIFA World Cup, said: 

“The FIFA World Cup™ in Qatar is about bringing magical moments to life on and off the pitch for millions of fans from the region and beyond. This incredible collaboration with GMUNK will see 10,000 stunning and unique ‘Pieces of Magic’ in the form of NFTs available for fans to own forever. NFTs will capture the passion and determination shown by players during the World Cup – as they battle it out on the pitch, their athleticism and performance will inspire incredible works of digital art.”

He continues by praising the talent of GMUNK as an artist with special abilities to push the boundaries of art within the exciting field of blockchain. He added that there are no better ways to capture the exciting ‘heatmap’ of the game than utilizing the skills of an accomplished digital artist such as GMUNK.

Memorializing Historical Matches on the Blockchain

Steven Kalifowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at, said that this year’s FIFA World Cup is the first that will take advantage of Web3 technology. He said that considers it a privilege to partner with Coca-Cola and GMUNK at this watershed moment in capturing the World Cup ‘heatmap’ as non-fungible tokens. 

“It’s a privilege to partner with Coca-Cola and GMUNK to memorialize these historical matches that will forever be captured on the blockchain. Together we are creating a completely new form of memorabilia” – Steven Kalifowitz, CMO at

The Coca-Cola Fanzone is a hub dedicated to the FIFA World Cup. Fans can interact and predict the outcome of games and can become part of a leaderboard with attendant benefits.

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