Clay Nation releases new NFT collection featuring Snoop Dogg

Clay Nation releases new NFT collection featuring Snoop Dogg

Clay Nation, a Cardano NFT project, has created a new NFT collection, “Icons by Clay Nation,” featuring legendary musician Snoop Dogg.

New Snoop Dogg NFT collection live

Clay Nation launched an official collaboration in April 2022 with Calvin Brodus, aka Snoop Dogg, and Champ Medici, his son. The partnership aimed to bring iconic clay animations, unlockable music content, and land pitches to the Cardano network

Clay Nation is now bringing a new collection, Icon by Clay Nation, featuring Snoop Dogg. The new NFTs, “new claymation,” is the first called “Snoop Dogg, Gin, and Juice.” As of now, the raffle is live on

Each NFT provides rare user access to unreleased music from the artist and other limited-edition merchandise. 

The partnership with Snoop Dogg has also launched a full-length music video for “Bron and Bronny.” The video features Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano founder.

Cardano has been on a winning streak

Champ Medici was welcomed to the “Clay Mates” team by Clay Nation to increase its reach and create strategic alliances. He released “Clay Nation Vol.1,” a rap album with three songs about Cardano. The album is only available for Baked Nation NFTs holders. In addition, the holders accessed full commercial rights to the music. 

As for Snoop Dog, he has partnered with crypto projects over time. The rapper and Elon Musk have supported Bored Ape Yacht Club and Dogecoin. Meanwhile, he also owns digital land in Sandbox.

Meanwhile, Clay Nation mentioned a few weeks back that it would be the Cardano-based project integrated into The Sandbox Game to facilitate further web3 growth. The project will collaborate with Smobler Studios, a creative agency based in Singapore. 

Cardano’s ecosystem has had more positive news as ADA wallets crossed 4 million. The native assets number also rose above 8 million across 70,851 policies, based on the data.

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