Chiru Labs and SK Lam join forces for limited “Mind of Gus” physical toys

Chiru Labs and SK Lam join forces for limited “Mind of Gus” physical toys

Chiru Labs, the creator of the Azuki NFTs, has partnered with Hong Kong-based creative director SK Lam to release a limited edition vinyl toy called “Mind of Gus.” Scheduled for a raffle on Nov. 2, this release intertwines the world of art, technology, and storytelling.

Taking a page out of Pudgy Penguins

It seems Chiru Labs is trying to emulate the success of fellow Web3 brand Pudgy Penguins and their successful line of toys. “Mind of Gus” integrates a Physical Backed Token (PBT), enabling collectors to delve into Gus’s intricate inner world.

Chiru Labs introduced this open-source standard in May, enabling physical items to be linked to NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The BEANZ Chip, a cryptographic chip developed by Chiru Labs, ensures the authenticity and ownership lineage of these items, marking a significant innovation in the NFT space.

Community raffle

Through a community raffle, 530 “Mind of Gus” vinyls will be available. Beanz and Hoarder emblem holders can participate via the Azuki Collector’s Profile until Nov. 2 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

The winners will be announced on Nov. 8. Emblem holders are limited to winning a single vinyl in this raffle. Owning a Gus vinyl promises to reveal more layers to the character’s story, adding to the allure of this exclusive release.


BEANZ, Chiru Labs’ hand-drawn NFT collection, launched in April 2022. It features 16 types of BEANZ, accumulating to 19,950 PFPs. Each character, like Toshi and Johnny C, has its unique persona, with Gus standing out for his mischievous yet endearing nature.

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Bean #1339 (Source: OpenSea)

SK Lam x Chiru Labs

SK Lam, the Creative Director and Curator of AllRightsReserved, has a prestigious background in art collaborations. His projects have included work with iconic artists like KAWS and Yayoi Kasuma, creating globally recognized installations and limited-edition toys.

This collaboration between Chiru Labs and SK Lam represents a significant moment in the evolving world of digital collectibles, blending artistry with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Collectors worldwide eagerly await the unveiling of “Mind of Gus”, anticipating a blend of creative storytelling and innovative tech.

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