CertiK Alert announced a fake Bentley NFT wallet drainer

CertiK Alert announced a fake Bentley NFT wallet drainer

CertiK Alert has warned the community of a NFT wallet drainer. The warning urges users to steer clear of a counterfeit Bentley NFT website that was out to steal from the legitimate Bentley NFT holders. 

The exclusive and sustainable Bentley NFT

CertiK Alert has warned the NFT community to refrain from interacting with the address shown in the tweet below. Certik urges NFT holders and traders to always take time to analyze and verify the different addresses they interact with as scammers and hackers are often prone to use phishing websites as a means to cyphon non-fungible tokens and other cryptocurrencies from users. 

This fake Bentley wallet drainer announcement came roughly one year after Bentley announced their NFT collection. Bentley Motors, the world’s most popular luxury car brand, announced its entry into the NFT industry with its NFT production on June 22, 2022.

Bentley launched their journey in the NFT industry through a one-time drop of only 208 pieces. 208 is a unique number for Bentley, representing the highest speed of Bentley’s fastest Grand Tourer (the Continental GT Speed) and the total number of  R-Type Continentals of 1952 produced by the firm.

The NFT collection was developed by Bentley Design to create an exclusive relationship and community between Bentley and its consumers. Since Bentley launched an eco-friendly network, all the NFTs are carbon-neutral. The sustainable network launch was fueled by Bentley’s vision to achieve end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030 when all Bentley cars will be 100% electricity-fueled.

Staying ahead of the curve

The NFT and crypto industry has experienced a wave of cybercrime in the last few years, including hacks, phishing, and hoax projects. Many traders and holders have lost millions of dollars in NFT and crypto from these crimes due to the uncontrolled nature of the industry. 

Fake NFT wallet drainers reap off the account holder in different ways, including replicating existing NFT projects and luring users from the official sites.

They are also prone to create fake websites and social media accounts, with fake numbers, to hype and collect investors. The hackers can compromise the communication channels of authorized NFT service providers and dupe the followers with fake announcements.

To curb these crimes, most service providers in the industry have to come up with solutions to each bug identified in the systems.

MetaMask, one of the leading Ethereum wallets, is among the first service providers to offer security-centric services to NFT holders and traders that protect them from fake NFT wallet drainers. MetaMask has added special features to its browser extension and wallet to stay ahead of NFT wallet drainer attempts.

The security feature prompts the user to grant permissions for their wallet to specific addresses instead of automatically approving all access requests. This feature gives you time to evaluate each address and evaluate their legitimacy before granting them access to your account. While it its not a fool-proof system, it does create an additional step that allows the user to think, compare, and verify addresses to ensure that the user is not tricked.

The MetaMsk security feature is a great way to reduce NFT theft and scams, but it is not 100%. Most NFT scams are socially engineered, and hackers constantly find new ways to get into accounts through tricks and well-engineered scams. 

Keeping your security details safe, running background searches on extensions and wallets before adoption, and taking account of every activity in your count are some ways to protect your NFT collection. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, tighter security measures continue to be put in place. However, staying vigilant is always a requirement in the cryptosphere.

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