Celebrating 5 years of crypto innovation: Bitget’s NFT tribute

Celebrating 5 years of crypto innovation: Bitget’s NFT tribute

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform, celebrates its 5th anniversary by launching a limited edition NFT series. This initiative, part of the Bitget Builders program, honors the key contributors who have significantly impacted Bitget’s growth.

The genesis of a digital tribute

At the heart of this celebration lies the Bitget Builders program. Launched with the intention of supporting burgeoning channels in the crypto sphere, the program focuses on providing tailored traffic support and growth strategies. This initiative is a cornerstone in incubating future leaders in crypto opinion.

The limited edition NFTs, restricted to a mere 40 in number, are a testament to the achievements and contributions of the core builders.

Criteria for elevation

The exclusive NFTs released by Bitget serve a dual purpose: they are digital art pieces and symbols of recognition and reward. Eligibility for these NFTs hinges on specific criteria that underscore a contributor’s dedication and impact.

This includes notable contributions to elevating Bitget’s brand, active participation in Bitget-related activities, and initiatives to enhance product and service offerings. Recipients of these NFTs will also have the opportunity to receive future airdrops, matching new NFT versions on a 1:1 basis.

The event extends beyond the distribution of digital tokens. Recipients of these NFTs will gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits, including weekly chances to receive new coin airdrops, a super PASS Card, 200 BGB redemption, and premium merchandise. These perks serve as both rewards and resources to enhance the recipients’ influence in the Web3 domain.

Joining the ranks

For those aspiring to join the ranks of Bitget Builders, the path is clear. The prerequisites include a fervent passion for the crypto industry, a keen interest in digital assets, a community or social media following of at least 100, and sustained active participation in crypto circles.

The application process is straightforward, inviting enthusiasts to fill out a form on Bitget’s website.

Bitget’s steadfast crypto journey

Since its establishment in 2018, Bitget has developed a presence in the cryptocurrency exchange market. Operating from Seychelles, the platform has attracted over 20 million users from around 100 countries.

Offering a diverse range of trading options such as spot and futures trading, margin, P2P, and copy trading, Bitget supports an array of over 550 digital currencies, including mainstream and trending coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

As Bitget commemorates its 5th anniversary, the launch of these exclusive NFTs is not merely a celebration but a strategic move to strengthen its community. By honoring its core builders, Bitget reaffirms its commitment to community building and innovation in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

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