CBS Studios files trademark for Star Trek Continuum NFT collectibles

CBS Studios files trademark for Star Trek Continuum NFT collectibles

CBS Studios has taken a bold step into the burgeoning world of digital assets, obtaining the trademark for the “Star Trek Continuum” NFT and cryptocurrency collectibles. The application for this trademark was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and its approval signifies CBS Studios’ intent to venture into the emerging NFT and cryptocurrency market.

Trademark for Starship NFTs

According to the documents filed with the USPTO, the “Star Trek Continuum” trademark will be used for cryptocurrency collectibles associated with CBS Studios’ Continuum television series.

Star Trek Continuum is the name of an NFT line that includes starships from various adventures in the science fiction world. These digital assets can be customized to the preferences of the users.

USPTO records show that the federal agency registered the trademark on August 8 after receiving a request from CBS in April. This registration enables CBS Studios to use crypto assets on online platforms and marketplaces.

Customizable NFTs

CBS Studios has not yet released details on the specific assets that will be available under the “Star Trek Continuum” NFT line or when they will be launched. However, the customization feature could allow users to personalize their digital assets, making the NFTs even more appealing.

Fans of the iconic Star Trek series will soon be able to collect, trade, and customize digital assets based on their favorite starships and moments from the show. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly with the drop so the highly dedicated fanbase to Start Trek can enjoy their collectible Space Crafts.

Web3 is taking over the entertainment industry

CBS’s move to create “Star Trek Continuum” NFTs reflects the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in the entertainment industry. Not only are we witnessing more crypto references in Hollywood productions such as Mission Impossible and Futurama, but we are also less than two months away from witnessing the debut of the first NFT-backed television show, Krapopolis.

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