Casey Rodarmor makes unexpected appearance at Ordinals Summit

Casey Rodarmor makes unexpected appearance at Ordinals Summit

Casey Rodarmor, the mastermind behind the Ordinals protocol, made an unanticipated reappearance at the Ordinals Summit in Singapore this week. This marks his first public appearance in several months since the protocol’s launch earlier in January.

Coming out of seclusion

Rodarmor’s reclusiveness after the protocol’s inauguration was briefly interrupted by a comprehensive podcast, where he voiced his reservations about Paul Storzc’s drivechains upgrade proposal. However, his physical presence at the Summit has had a more significant impact than the podcast.

The Ordinals Summit celebrated Bitcoin-based NFTs during a period of waning use. The Ordinals protocol, lauded for its ability to trade digital artifacts as NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, previously drew significant praise and caused severe network congestion.

Ordinals popularity surprised Rodarmor

Surprisingly, the burgeoning popularity of the Ordinals protocol amongst NFT collectors caught its founder off guard. The success, however, wasn’t without its critics. Bitcoin purists voiced objections ranging from ethical to technical against NFTs.

To address the dichotomy of reactions, the Ordinals creator took a hiatus from public attention, channeling his energies on perfecting the protocol. A recent milestone was achieved when Rodarmor integrated an upgrade that distinctly establishes the provenance of inscriptions within a particular collection.

Highlights of the Summit

During his headline speech at the summit, Rodarmor expressed profound gratitude towards the community for their unwavering support. He underscored the pivotal role of innovation in the cryptocurrency realm.

The Ordinals Summit witnessed a melange of participants. Developers and enthusiasts converged, eager to delve into the Ordinals protocol’s potential and its implications on the NFT landscape. Among the luminaries who graced the event were Udi Wertheimer, the brains behind the Taproot Wizards NFT project, and Domo, the enigmatic mind behind the BRC-20 protocol.

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