Cardano’s JPG store unveils global artist empowerment plans

Cardano’s JPG store unveils global artist empowerment plans

The language translations on JPG Store’s website have been improved to make it easier for international artists to create NFTs for a broad customer base.

Language localization now available on JPG Shop

JPG. Store has formally introduced Language Localization, a tool that improves the translations on the website for the benefit of its global audience. The implementation of this functionality is part of a bigger strategy to ensure that non-English speaking countries have equitable access to job possibilities in the NFT economy.

The JPG Team is excited about their linguistic initiatives to bring in and assist more creators globally, especially those who were previously priced out by blockchains with hefty gas prices, as the price to mint an NFT on Cardano averages less than $1.

Blakelock Brown, CEO of JPG Shop, expressed his desire to give all creatives the best opportunities possible:

“Our present NFT creators have received millions in royalties from us with pride, but this enormous possibility belongs to everyone. Our enthusiastic intention is to continuously empower international artists and collectors, including removing language barriers as just one tiny component.”

In order to ensure that visitors obtain accurate translations that update promptly, JPG Shop now uses a large staff of human linguists from across the world in conjunction with cutting-edge machine translation technologies to translate the website.

The first languages to be supported are Chinese (LatAm), Chinese (Simp), Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Japanese. Engineers at JPG Shop have also developed an auto-translating Discord bot to ensure that users of all languages experience the same top-notch customer assistance that the support team is renowned for.

Shannon Brown, the co-founder of the JPG Shop, said:

“We work hard to hire the best minds we can find so that we’re a highly varied staff ourselves. Since we proudly hail from more than 15 different nations, promoting NFT adoption and opportunity on a worldwide scale is something we highly cherish.”

Advantages of the new translation feature

Since its introduction a little over a year ago, JPG Shop has helped Cardano’s NFT market grow to over $477M in total sales, handling 97% of the market’s current NFT volume.

The JPG team expects that the volume of NFT trading will rise as the Cardano DeFi ecosystem develops. This is due to the recent launches of the Djed Stablecoin by Coti and the DeFi Lending Protocol by Liqwid, which have added external liquidity to Cardano. 

The volume over the preceding 30 days for Cardano has placed it as the fourth-largest NFT blockchain.

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