Capcom announces new Mega Man X NFTs

Capcom announces new Mega Man X NFTs

Video game giant Capcom has once again ventured into the world of crypto, choosing its beloved Mega Man X characters as the vehicle for its upcoming NFT collection. Capcom’s new venture, in collaboration with Gumi, a Japanese mobile game developer, will be based on the popular Mega Man X DiVE game.

Mega Man NFT collection

The NFTs will feature Mega Man sprite art-styled renditions of the popular gaming icon, which has amassed a dedicated following since the series began in 1987.

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The collection will consist of 3,500 digital collectibles, each featuring generative artwork. The collectibles, priced at about $100 each, will be available on the Ethereum blockchain.

No in-game utility

Interestingly, Capcom has confirmed that these NFTs will have no functionality in the upcoming offline version of Mega Man X DiVE. Their appeal will be purely as a collectible and not as Gaming NFTs.

This isn’t the first attempt to make NFTs from Mega Man’s aesthetic. Former Mega Man series producer Keiji Inafune had previously tried to kickstart his own collection of tokens mimicking the art style of Mega Man X. This time, however, Capcom is entering the NFT fray with the backing of an established game developer, and it’s expected to garner considerable attention from both fans and collectors.

In addition to owning the digital art, NFT owners will receive access to a Discord membership, where they can enjoy perks like owners-only exclusive chat channels. As the project progresses along its roadmap, Capcom promises even more perks and benefits for those who have purchased the NFTs.

Capcom faces gamers’ backlash

It remains to be seen how successful the new collection will be and if it can match the Street Fighter cards, the other NFT venture from Capcom.

Fans of the Mega Man series have long clamored for new content, but the addition of NFTs could potentially divide the community.

Going by some of the comments on the Twitter announcement, many fans have already shown their disapproval of the new collection. The fact that each NFT costs about $100 and offers no in-game utility is also not sitting well with the fanbase.

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