Call of Duty creators debut in Web3, exposing Kaidro on Immutable

Call of Duty creators debut in Web3, exposing Kaidro on Immutable

The Gadget-Bot company announced its entrance into the NFT world by incorporating Kaidro science fiction into the Web3 game. The PC game will launch on the Immutable blockchain this year, with the mobile version coming out later.

Entrance of Kaidro into Web3

After over a decade of developing a science fiction universe, “Kaidro” Gadget-Bot is fancying the Web3 industry with a computer-based game running on ethereum scaling blockchain Immutable. The game will be available this year.

The Gadget-Bot duo Chung and Simons divulged the information about the Kaidro game through an interview. The two explained their move to embrace non-fungible tokens (NFTs) following the successful production of AAA games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends and epic movies such as Jurassic World.

According to Chung and Simons, Web3 is the next milestone for their company’s community to embrace. The duo has a massive following with over 1.3 million followers in three TikTok channels.

Chung and Simons disclosed that Web3 allowed them to give ownership to their vast fanbase by involving them in ‘Kaidro.’ According to Simons, NFTs will enable people to own parts of their new game. Chung indicated that there would be no limitation on the expansion of the world since the Kaidro game would break the ceiling on interaction.

What the game entails

The Kaidro game will be available for PC in the first phase, while the mobile version will come later. Every NFT will allow the holder to own a character from a specific clan. Every NFT also provides a unique storyline to the character enabling players to unlock substances corresponding to the character owned.

Players will also utilize a new aspect of NFT called cloning. Cloning will facilitate the players since they can sell the skins to other players.

The developers chose an Immutable gaming environment to host the Kaidro. According to Simon, Immutable enables gaming through Web2 and provides integrations for Web3. However, it is still being determined whether it will be in Immutable X or Immutable zkEVM.

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