Bored Elon, a parody Twitter account, announces new gaming startup Bored Box

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Bored Elon, a parody Twitter account, announces new gaming startup Bored Box

The mastermind behind the famed parody Twitter account, Bored Elon, now goes by the name “BORED.” The polygonal faux-Elon avatar has garnered a following of 1.7 million Twitter users over the last ten years. The popularity of the Twitter account has now opened doors in the Web3 gaming sector, leading to the establishment of a new gaming startup called Bored Box.

Satirizing Elon Musk all the way to the bank

During a recent conversation, Bored Elon shared that his inspiration for creating the parody Twitter account originated from Elon Musk’s Hyperloop white paper publication in 2013. Bored was particularly intrigued by Musk’s openness to share his ideas, and thus, saw the opportunity to create a parody account as a way to amuse himself.

Over time, Bored Elon’s Twitter account gained notoriety for its satirical commentary on Musk’s tweets and witty speculation about his next moves.

How did Bored Box web3 gaming startup came to life?

Bored Elon’s immense triumph on Twitter ultimately paved the way for an unforeseen opportunity in the world of Web3 gaming. Alongside his co-founder, Subtle Rebuttal, who goes by a pseudonym, he founded Bored Box, a platform that offers a selection of handpicked Web3 games and endows Box NFT holders with distinctive gaming NFTs and various other benefits.

According to Bored Elon, Bored Box is tackling the issue of navigating the Web3 gaming landscape, which he compares to a trading platform like eBay, making game discovery a daunting task. The platform aims to simplify this experience and provide a more user-friendly interface akin to that of popular online game stores like Steam or PlayStation Network Store.

Bored Box launched its NFTs on Ethereum in May of the previous year. These NFTs are designed to look like game consoles and function as membership passes, enabling holders to accumulate “boredom points” over time, which can then be swapped for physical items or NFTs. According to Bored Elon, the boxes are gradually transforming into a full-fledged Web3 storefront.

NFT membership pass

Although it may seem improbable, Bored Elon’s journey from a Twitter parody account to a Web3 gaming enterprise is a logical progression, given his extensive experience in the video game industry. He identifies as an introverted individual who has spent many years working in this field. Moreover, he admits that he has distanced himself from his Bored Elon persona and now dedicates his attention to the development of Bored Box.

Bored Elon’s emergence as a Web3 gaming industry pioneer is noteworthy, especially given the industry’s nascent stage. Although some game launchers have appeared, such as Elixir, HyperPlay, and the Epic Games Store, Bored Box distinguishes itself with its membership pass-like NFTs, offering a unique take on the traditional model.

Bored Elon’s entry into the Web3 gaming space exemplifies the industry’s potential for innovation and upheaval. While memes and satirical Twitter accounts may not immediately come to mind as sources of creativity, they can unexpectedly lead to promising prospects in the realm of Web3.

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