Bolero’s blockchain beat: Revolutionizing music ownership

Bolero’s blockchain beat: Revolutionizing music ownership

Bolero Music, a trailblazing French startup, is reshaping the future of music with its blockchain-integrated approach, blending artistry with technology to craft the future of Web3 music.

Dancing to new tunes

The innovation? “Song Shares”. This feature allows admirers to invest in and possess micro-ownership over an artist’s masterpiece. The ramifications are simple yet powerful: Fans stand to gain a cut of the royalties a song rakes in.

It’s not just about being a passive listener anymore; it’s about engaging in a deeper bond with the melody. Taking center stage in this initiative was the platinum track “Brothers” by the charismatic French rapper, Rilès. William Bailey, the visionary CEO of Bolero, shed light on the success of this endeavor, with the numbers speaking volumes: a stunning 9.2% return on investment over a year from diverse sources such as streaming, downloads, and music video views.

With a Techno twist

But Bolero’s ensemble didn’t stop there. They struck another chord with Agoria, the French techno maestro. Unlike Rilès, Agoria composed an anthem exclusively for this venture, adding a new dimension to the concept. He dedicated all the royalties to his NFT collectors, fusing his prowess as a musician with the digital space. 

The outcome? Bailey termed it as “the first 100% shared master recording.” In mere six hours, 265 out of the 2,500 shares were snatched up, and the remainder secured by collectors at a staggering 80%. Although artists typically offer between 5% and 15% of a song’s rights, the sky’s the limit with this avant-garde model.

A promising Future

Bailey is betting big on “Song Shares”, envisioning it as a game changer for both artists and aficionados. With over 30 artists, predominantly from the hip-hop and techno genres, already marching to Bolero’s beat, the platform is poised for greater heights. And while Bolero plays its cards close to the chest about upcoming announcements, Bailey hints at a groundbreaking revelation that’s bound to echo in and beyond the Web3 music space.

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