Blur’s big move: Season 3 airdrop amid fundraising for L2 Network expansion

Blur’s big move: Season 3 airdrop amid fundraising for L2 Network expansion

Leading NFT marketplace Blur has made significant strides. The platform recently marked the end of its Season 2 Airdrop campaign, ten months after its inception, and launched its much-anticipated Season 3 Airdrop. Additionally, Blur announced a new generalized Layer 2 network.

The curtain falls on Season 2

Blur’s Season 2 Airdrop campaign has officially concluded, as announced in a November 21 blog post. This closure paves the way for creators, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to claim or redeem their $Blur tokens within a 45-day window. These tokens can be used for purchasing NFTs or converted into various forms of liquidity.

Following closely on the heels of Season 2, Blur has announced the launch of its Season 3 Airdrop campaign. To further incentivize NFT trading, 50% of Season 3 rewards will be allocated to traders through Blur Points. This strategic distribution aims to bolster user engagement and market activity on the platform.

Understanding the Blur Airdrop

Airdrops involve distributing small amounts of a new virtual currency to active blockchain community members. Blur’s native utility token, $BLUR, plays a crucial role in facilitating transactions within its NFT marketplace. Since its launch earlier this year, $BLUR has been available through airdrops or major crypto exchanges, becoming a significant asset for NFT traders and enthusiasts.

Overtaking OpenSea

Blur’s aggressive incentive program, initiated in February, marked a pivotal moment. The platform distributed $300 million worth of $BLUR tokens to its users, overtaking its competitor, OpenSea, in Ethereum NFT trading volume. This successful campaign underscored Blur’s innovative approach to engaging and rewarding its user base.

Season 2 saw traders earning points and subsequently claiming 300 million $BLUR. The marketplace’s approach to incentivizing various activities like bidding, listing, and lending against NFTs significantly contributed to its market dominance. This approach reflects Blur’s commitment to creating a vibrant and rewarding platform for its users.

Blur’s Expanding Ecosystem

In addition to its airdrop campaigns, Blur’s ecosystem is set for expansion with the launch of Blast, a new layer-2 network by founder Tieshun Roquerre.

This network, backed by a $20 million funding from Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and others, aims to reduce transaction costs for digital collectibles while providing native yield for DApps. Roquerre’s initiative addresses key challenges in the blockchain space, such as high network fees and asset depreciation.

The future of Blur

As Blur transitions from Season 2 to Season 3, the platform continues to evolve, offering enhanced opportunities for user engagement and market growth. With the introduction of Blast and the successful rollout of its airdrop campaigns, Blur is solidifying its position as a leading player in the NFT space, promising an exciting future for digital art collectors and traders.

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