Blur NFT marketplace announces a $300m airdrop to loyal users

Blur NFT marketplace announces a $300m airdrop to loyal users

Blur NFT marketplace has announced a $300m airdrop of additional tokens to its loyal customers to gain an edge over competitors. 

Blur takes a $300m step to lure more users

Popular NFT marketplace Blur announced the release of $300 million in BLUR tokens to its loyal users on Feb. 23. According to the platform’s tweet, users will be awarded based on their loyalty scores calculated from their interactions with the virtual marketplace. 

The marketplace will issue the airdrop as BLUR tokens in its ‘season 2’, which is already in progress.

It is unclear how Blur will link statistics from other marketplaces to implement the loyalty score. The highest score is 100% which will be allocated to customers who refrain from using the marketplace’s competitors, such as OpenSea. The users who manage to scoop 100% loyalty will receive mythical care packages with “100x uncommon care packages”.

Besides loyalty, Blur will also award users for completing minor tasks concerning the platform, including listing new Non-Fungible Tokens, quoting tweets posted by the marketplace, and bidding for existing NFTs. However, loyal users who only use Blur will gain the most scores.

Blur and OpenSea continue to clash

The airdrop is part of Blur’s ‘season 2’ campaign to increase users and permanently overtake OpenSea as the industry-leading NFT marketplace. Blur and OpenSea have showcased stiff competition with upgrades and exclusive giveaways. OpenSea recently upgraded its user experience to gain an advantage over Blur.

Sara Gherghelas from DappRadar mentioned that the hype behind Blur is correlated with the launch of the BLUR token. BLUR is currently trading at $0.936, according to data from CoinGecko.

Blur debuted on Oct. 19 and has since trailed OpenSea in market share. Data from dune analytics shows that Blur overtook OpenSea in trading volume in December 2022. Both marketplaces have offered exclusive perks to users who blocklist the other. Blur also recently implemented creator royalties for non-OpenSea collections.

Blur appears to be aggressively charging toward the top regarding trading volume. However, on-chain data shows that most of the trading volume comes from a small group of whale traders buying and selling NFTs to access the platform’s rewards, including BLUR tokens.

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