Blockchain Gaming hits historic 1M daily unique active wallets

Blockchain Gaming hits historic 1M daily unique active wallets

As 2023 nears its end, the blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors have hit a critical milestone, signaling a potential turnaround in the industry. The latest DappRadar x BGA Games report reveals that blockchain gaming has reached a staggering 1 million daily unique active wallets (dUAW), making up 33% of the industry’s activity for October.

WAX, NEAR, and CELO outpace other blockchains

WAX solidified its top spot with 406,030 dUAW, marking an 8% increase from September. Its strong performance is primarily fueled by the lasting appeal of games such as Alien Worlds, in addition to the platform’s comprehensive collection of more than 150 gaming decentralized applications (dapps).

Other blockchains also registered impressive figures. NEAR Protocol made a remarkable leap, registering a 34% jump to 229,603 dUAW, while Celo‘s staggering 538% explosion to 198,165 dUAW was driven by the success of the new game BLCR (Battle Left Center Right).

BNB Chain also posted gains with a 13% increase to 178,814 dUAW, showcasing sustained growth. Skale Network, with its backing of games like CryptoBlades and 5TARS, continued its upward trajectory with a 46% surge in dUAW, peaking at 126,457. Polygon’s steady growth is reflected in a 5% increase to 93,018 dUAW.

Solana and Arbitrum showed a slight contraction in gaming activity, with Solana dipping by 2% and Arbitrum by 1%. Concurrently, zkSync Era is experiencing a modest uptrend, marking a 6% increase, though this growth is somewhat limited when compared to its peers.

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DappRadar x BGA Games report (Source)

Pixels: Successful migration

Pixels, a popular game known for its vibrant virtual landscape, has made a strategic shift to the Ronin Network, resulting in a significant boost in the network’s UAW. This move highlights the importance of choosing the right blockchain ecosystem for gaming success and reflects the evolving nature of the Web3 gaming landscape.

October’s Gaming Leaders

Alien Worlds remains at the forefront as the most used gaming dapp, while Sweat Economy expanded into the United States, resulting in a surge of UAW. Splinterlands and Nine Chronicles have also made significant strides, with updates aimed at enhancing gameplay and broadening accessibility.

Tracking Metaverse performance

The virtual world markets have shown a resurgence, with a 19% rise in trading volume to $3.8 million and a 17% increase in land sales. Decentraland hosted the AI World Fair, and The Sandbox appointed Nicola Sebastiani as its Chief Content Officer, signaling major developments in these virtual spaces.

Web3 Gaming Investments Remain Strong

Despite a challenging economic landscape, Web3 gaming investments reached $154 million in October. Significant investments included Animoca Brands’ partnership with NEOM Investment Fund and WEMIX’s investment in Chinese game developers, indicating a bright future for blockchain gaming.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

The blockchain gaming and metaverse sectors are at a pivotal juncture, with October 2023 marking a significant milestone in their development.

The DappRadar report states that the industry is poised for further growth and innovation as we approach 2024. The increase in dUAW, strategic game migrations, and robust investments underscore the sector’s resilience and the promise of blockchain technology in transforming the gaming industry.

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