Blockasset athlete NFT platform has parted ways with Solana to join Chiliz

Blockasset athlete NFT platform has parted ways with Solana to join Chiliz

Blockassets, a top athlete NFTs platform, announced its decision to part ways with Solana and joined forces with Chiliz Chain 2.0.Β 

Blockasset joining ChilizΒ 

Blockasset, one of the top Athlete NFT platforms, shared their decision to join Chiliz, an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible platform, and work together in building the new Chiliz Chain. Chiliz is a Layer 1 blockchain platform that owns the Socios fan token.Β 

Released on March 7th, the announcement detailed Blockasset’s intended partnership with Chiliz towards developing a new Chiliz Chain.

Blockasset, launched in 2021, is a Non-Fungible Token marketplace and platform initially built on the Solana blockchain ecosystem. The popular Web3 sports platform now plans to part ways with the public blockchain platform Solana and join Chiliz in giving access to exclusive athlete NFTs.Β 

Blockasset joined hands with the media gamification platform LiveLike, and FanFest as a live stream provider as part of the partnership upgrade.Β 

Chiliz confirmed the partnership through a blog post stating its intentions and “commencement” in developing a new Chiliz blockchain. 

However, Blockasset’s co-founder Mick Dickens stated a contrary comment on Twitter.Β 

Chiliz provides a platform for sports

Chiliz is an international sports entertainment firm launched in 2012 that recently developed its Layer 1 blockchain in early February 2023.Β 

Blockasset offers over 40 exclusive athlete NFTs that include sports stars like Wayne Rooney and Jonah Lomu. Chiliz offering rewards through Socios makes them a rather interesting partner to Blockasset. is also in league with top sports celebrities, Lionel Messi being its brand ambassador, and has over 170 other partners worldwide. Also, Chiliz Labs has a budget of $50 million for early-stage NFT projects involved in sports and entertainment.Β 

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