Bitget Rewards Holders of FTT With Seed NFT During The World Cup

Bitget Rewards Holders of FTT With Seed NFT During The World Cup

Bitget, one of the cryptocurrency exchanges committed to driving adoption, has announced that it would airdrop seed NFTs during the ongoing FIFA World Cup.

Boosting Investor Confidence in the Crypto Space

The seed NFTs will be accompanied by several perks and rewards, including a $2 million prize pool which the exchange has made available for qualifying holders of FTT, the internal token of the collapsed exchange FTX.

The leading cryptocurrency platform stated that the initiative is to shore up confidence in the industry when many investors are skeptical about the level of transparency exhibited by operators. It said that this is also the contribution of the exchange as a form of financial aid to some investors, all in an attempt to rebuild confidence in the cryptosphere.

A statement from Bitget said that holders of FTT can access the NFT airdrop by first connecting their wallets on OpenSea, the NFT marketplace platform. This is where they can claim the Seed NFTs. The reward package associated with the seed NFT can then be accessed by the holder on the Bitget platform.

The reward associated with the initiative is accessible from the Bitget platform and includes a free trial fund, 50% rebates for purchases of Bitcoin and Ether, privileges associated with airdrops of BGB, the Bitget token, and other exclusive perks and packages.

The release further stated that the claimants of the Seed NFT should have a minimum of 10 FTT in their wallets at the time of the snapshot. The NFT airdrop can then be used to unlock the rewards allocated to them. The reward the holder receives from Bitget depends on the rarity of their airdropped NFTs.

Seed NFTs to Unlock Benefits Based on Rarity

The Bitget team stated that 10,000 Seed NFTs can be airdropped to FTT holders. These collectibles are ranked from Beginner, the most common, to Legendary, the rarest NFTs. They added that despite having the potential of unlocking rewards from Bitget, these NFTs also qualify holders to join the BGB bounty program. The Bitget Bounty offers participants the opportunity to earn a maximum of 8,888 $BGB.

Holders of BGB tokens also benefit from incentives available at Bitget. Some of these include exclusive discounts in trades and reduced transaction fees. The holder can also gain access to the Bitget launchpad with attendant benefits such as gaining early knowledge about high-quality token launches.

Building a Sustainable and Trustworthy Web3

Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, speaking about the Seed NFT airdrop, said:

“The crypto world is still under tremendous stress from the aftermath caused by the demise of FTX, as FTX users and FTT holders are still doubtful about their assets stored on the platform,”

Chen said that investors’ desire for secure platforms to store their assets has resulted in a high inflow of new users at Bitget. She continued:

‘In light of the surging demands, Bitget launches this Seed NFT collection and dedicates efforts to building a sustainable and trustworthy environment in the Web3 ecosystem.”

Bitget and Lionel Messi

Bitget recently partnered with the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, in a $20 million marketing campaign. The company also plans a series of World Cup-themed promotions that would see it give away 1 million $BGB and other exclusive rewards. Bitget is also collaborating with Juventus, the Italian football club, as it looks towards working with known brands to build investor confidence in the crypto space.

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