BitBoy gets arrested during YouTube livestream

BitBoy gets arrested during YouTube livestream

Prominent crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, famously known as BitBoy Crypto, found himself arrested while live on YouTube yesterday. Armstrong’s attempt to confront his former colleague Carlos Diaz to reclaim his Lamborghini spiraled into a live broadcast filled with conspiracy theories before ending abruptly with police intervention.

Cocaine fueled livestream

Earlier in the day, Armstrong had hinted at the upcoming livestream through a tweet, teasing that he would be going live “from a very special location”.

However, what unfolded later was far from what the audience had anticipated. As he streamed live, Armstrong delved into a conspiracy theory linking his crypto asset, BEN coin, to US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, before the arrival of law enforcement officers. Amidst the deranged monologue, Armstrong stated:

“If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house and tries to kill me live on YouTube, then it’s just gonna have to be what it’s gonna be, Carlos,”

Carlos Diaz is associated with Hit Network, the firm behind the Bitboy Crypto channel from which Armstrong had been distanced since August. The disassociation came following Hit Network’s concern regarding Armstrong’s alleged substance abuse issues and its financial ramifications on the workforce.

Amidst the heated live session, Armstrong emphasized that his actions stemmed from fear, not paranoia. He remarked defiantly: “This is someone who’s been in the fear for his life for too long… I will really enjoy the cops coming here,”

Police show up to arrest Bitboy

With cameras still rolling, viewers watched Armstrong answer the police’s questions. When inquired about any weapons, he denied having any on him but mentioned one in his truck. The intrigue deepened as the conversation between Armstrong and the police revealed more about the cryptic situation.

Upon further questioning, Armstrong disclosed that his alleged mistress, Cassie Wolfe, was accompanying him in the truck. He quickly added that his wife was aware of his whereabouts and actions:

“Cassie is the girl I had an affair with. She’s involved in this situation with me and this guy (Carlos) right here. My wife knows. We were just in my daughter’s tennis match,” 

When Lambo?

The live confrontation was set against the background of alleged threats and a stolen Lamborghini. However, soon after the arrest, the livestream video was taken down, leaving followers with many unanswered questions.

The tale got more cryptic as Armstrong’s social media remained silent post the arrest, diverging from his usual online activity. Speculations arose around whether this event was staged, but it was later confirmed by the local Sheriff’s Office in Georgia that Armstrong is indeed behind bars.

The narrative of a missing Lamborghini, a live confrontation, and a subsequent arrest while streaming has left the crypto community buzzing with rumors and anticipations for the next update from Ben Armstrong.

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