Binance Launches Football Fiesta Through BNB Chain

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Binance Launches Football Fiesta Through BNB Chain

Binance, the world’s leading centralized exchange, will kick off the Football Fiesta through BNB Chain, ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 that’s going to be played in Qatar between November 20 and December 18.

Another Football-meets-blockchain Event Powered by Binance

Binance’s BNB Chain, one of the world’s largest layer 1 blockchains in terms of transaction volume and daily active users, will be taking the most loved sport on the planet on-chain by hosting the Football Fiesta. In its blog post, BNB Chain announces it as the football experience in the metaverse that football and web3 fans have been craving.

Users of the BNB Chain will be able to participate in this ecosystem-wide campaign and earn the chance to win prizes in a pool that has drawn over $600,000. Throughout the FIFA World Cup month, there will be more than 60 activities available to play.

What is the Football Fiesta About?

First of all, Football Fiesta is about bringing football and web3 together. To take part in this party (fiesta stands for party in Spanish), users will need to get a Glory Pass, an exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) launched by Binance for this event. Although these NFTs were quickly sold-out due to World Cup mania, BNB Chain launched 5,000 more to meet the high demand. 

Glory Pass holders will have access to exclusive games and rewards, such as RACA’s racing game, Thetan Arena’s glory box, and other BNB Chain decentralized apps like SecondLive, Gameta, StarSharks, Tiny World, TopGoal, Monsterra, ApeSwap, Link3, Neo Fantasy, Impossible Finance, and Bomb Crypto.

BNB Chain will also be hosting a party on November 21st in San Francisco, together with RACA, that only Glory Pass holders will be able to attend. Besides a free flow of foods and beverages, they’ll be able to play some arcade games, enjoy an NFT exhibition (including Beeple’s $6 millions NFT Ocean Front), listen to a DJ play French Montana’s latest album remix, and – of course, since it’s a football party! – watch the USA vs Wales football match.

Other Challenges, Games, and Events

Users who hold a Glory Pass can predict the outcomes of football matches and have a chance to win a Mystery Box worth $600,000. Currently, only the semifinals, final, and third-place matches are available for players to make predictions.

Players that weren’t able to get a Glory Pass won’t be left behind and will be able to participate in several different activities during this campaign, since MetaStrike, Lifeform, Era7, Binance Fan Token, Tap Fantasy, Orbofi, SecondLive, Fight of the Ages, Tiny World and Mobox are all serving up gaming options of their own.

Besides games and challenges, BNB Chain will also be hosting an art hackathon to celebrate the FIFA World Cup. This event will be hosted together with LiveArt, who will contribute with royalties income from the hackathon to the InvestinWomen’s NFT project, with the purpose to assist women all over the world.

This is not the first football-themed project launched by Binance, which is hosting the Binance Football Fever simultaneously. However, there are some differences between both projects: while the Binance Football Fever is centered around the Binance Fan Tokens and is solely focused on match-predicting challenges, the Football Fiesta is a one-time event centered around the biggest sporting event of the year, completed with many different games, challenges, and off-chain events.

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