Binance Introduces Free Crypto Classes with NFT Certifications For Learners

Binance Introduces Free Crypto Classes with NFT Certifications For Learners

Binance has announced free online cryptocurrency classes for everyone willing to learn more about blockchain technology. After completing the courses, learners will be issued certificates tokenized on the blockchain network as Non-Fungible Tokens.

Learn with Binance

Binance, the world’s largest digital asset service provider, has announced the commencement of the issuance of online courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Upon completing the studies, learners will be issued digital certificates embedded in the blockchain network as NFTs. The online courses will be free and readily available to billions of people all over the world.

The introductory course consists of a six part-video series release. This course will cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralization, metaverse, web3, trading cryptocurrencies, and investing methods. The entire introductory course has the lessons released in video formats accounting for only two and a half hours.

Learners who complete the educational sessions successfully will receive a tokenized certificate to reward them for their learning experience with Binance. Binance has become the most significant exchange for issuing NFTs to beginners for free. Users shall only claim one NFT for each course completed. 

At the time of this publication, only one NFT can be claimed since only one course has been released. The NFT will be distributed in two weeks (approximately 14 days) after completing all lessons and successfully passing all the quizzes.

Binance also wrote that the Blockchain Fundamental course is the only course released so far. However, the entity stated that the remaining courses for this learning track would be launched later on for both existing and new Binance users.

More on Binance’s Online Course

The course will only be available to verified Binancians. Before accessing the system, users must confirm their accounts through compliance with KYC requirements. The Binance Team wrote on the platform’s official webpage:

“Users who log in to their verified Binance accounts while completing all the courses and quizzes under the beginner track will qualify to each receive one NFT certificate.”

Binance also promises to introduce courses in multiple foreign languages. The current course released is only available in English at the moment. According to Binance, the course debuted due to the increasing demand for reliable blockchain education and the massive success seen in the ‘Binance Learn and Earn’ program.

The world of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Non-Fungible Tokens has grown significantly since the birth of Bitcoin. As the industry continues to expand exponentially, the demand for top-notch blockchain information and virtual education has also increased simultaneously. 

Binance’s strength and influence in the crypto world have been witnessed recently after sending its rival exchange, FTX, to bankruptcy. Despite being negatively affected by the bear market, the platform has increasingly taken massive steps towards mass NFT adoption.

Binance recently partnered with the 5-times world’s best football player Cristiano Ronaldo to launch an NFT collection. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most followed sportsmen in the world. He currently has over 104 million followers on Twitter and more than 1 billion followers across all social platforms. The alliance is, therefore, a genius strategic move by Binance to gain on the NFT sports ground.

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