Binance and Ronaldo drop their 3rd NFT collection

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Binance and Ronaldo drop their 3rd NFT collection

Binance and Ronaldo are set to release yet another NFT collection today. Upon the success of the first two drops, Binance has announced the release of a 3rd collection with even more rewards.

Ronaldo leads BSC NFTs

Soccer megastar Cristiano Ronaldo and cryptocurrency exchange Binance have unveiled their third Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection.

Riding the wave of success from their previous two ventures, the CR7 NFT collection and ForeverCR7, this latest collection purportedly offers an array of unparalleled rewards to its patrons.

As per the information available on the collection’s website, the freshly launched collection comprises 50,000 complimentary NFTs. To lay claim to one of these exclusive tokens, enthusiasts are required to accomplish specific tasks, such as extending an invitation to acquaintances to join Binance.

Upon completion of the stipulated task, patrons will gain access to a complimentary CR7 ForeverZone Box. These prized boxes will be dispatched to qualifying users on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection on Binance
Source: Binance

Previous collections highlights

The inaugural CR7 NFT collection made its debut in November 2022, making waves in the digital realm. Premium-level CR7 NFTs were snapped up within the initial week, with top-tier tokens fetching an average price of $22,800 at auction. The collection extended exclusive perks to holders, such as autographed football jerseys by Ronaldo and a virtual rendezvous with the football icon himself.

The successor collection commemorated Ronaldo’s record-shattering goal milestones, encapsulating each significant goal in the form of an NFT. Encompassing 29,327 NFTs in total, each token carried its unique set of perks and advantages, ranging from exclusive merchandise to a coveted personal training session with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The superstar can put NFTs back in the spotlight

Ronaldo, revered for his football prowess, has long breached the confines of the football field. With a colossal following on Instagram, he holds the distinction of having the most followed profile on the platform. His extensive reach illustrates his ability to channel significant attention towards his ventures.

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