Binance and Jay Chou to propel V.R. metaverse to the forefront of NFT industry

Binance and Jay Chou to propel V.R. metaverse to the forefront of NFT industry

A Virtual Reality Metaverse Initiative that is Anticipating Expansion with the Collaboration of Binance and Jay Chou.

Binance and Jay Chou step into a V.R. powered metaverse endeavour

The Taiwanese-based Highstreet Virtual Reality Metaverse venture is making substantial impact in the VR sector, thanks to a mention from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) and a recent promotional collaboration with renowned musician Jay Chou. Dubbed as “Shopify on a Chain,” the platform merges shopping, gaming, NFTs, established brands, and cryptocurrency brands with MMORPG gaming experiences.

The performance of Highstreet’s primary token, HIGH, saw a significant surge of over 300% in January, and the minimum price of its Genesis NFT, Forever Fomo Duck Squad, rose from 0.55E to 1.3E at the start of the month. The project operates with a dual token system of HIGH and STREET, each serving a specific function within the Highstreet World metaverse platform.

The Highstreet World is comprised of six regions that can be explored, including Highstreet City, Binance Beach, AMAX Alps, and others. Players can buy houses, engage in battles, tame NFT pets, and participate in various other activities. To access the Solera continent, the center of the metaverse, players must first complete two missions on Freshmint Island to attain the status of “Explorer.”

What sets this metaverse apart from the pack?

The metaverse platform distinguishes itself by incorporating seamless integration between the virtual and physical worlds, allowing for the transfer of funds and goods. The shopping experience on Highstreet is enhanced with the connection of NFTs to real-world merchandise and in-game purchases that can be redeemed for physical items or NFTs.

A standout feature of the platform is the Highstreet Market, a web-based platform and FOMO Tower inside the metaverse that offers rare and redeemable items. The market utilizes a Bonding Curve, a self-adjusting pricing system, to guarantee liquidity and give brands the ability to tailor their curve to encourage trades or product swaps.

Moreover, Highstreet has established a one-of-a-kind virtual reality cryptocurrency lounge called Cyberbar, where users can interact with potential buyers or sellers to complete transactions face-to-face. The recent attention Highstreet has received is a result of CZ’s recent AMA and a partnership with Jay Chou, bringing the project to the forefront of market focus.

Rephrase heavily: While the celebrity effect is only temporary, Highstreet’s technical foundation, innovative approach to the metaverse, and strong partnerships set it up for potential success in the VR industry. The platform’s combination of shopping, gaming, NFTs, and cryptocurrency creates a unique and immersive experience for both brands and players.

Rephrase heavily: As the VR industry continues to grow and evolve, Highstreet is poised to make a lasting impact with its business-centric approach and innovative use of technology. With its combination of virtual and real-world elements, Highstreet may very well be the next big thing in the VR metaverse.

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