Best Side Hustle – Cloud Mining to Earn Passive Income

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Best Side Hustle – Cloud Mining to Earn Passive Income

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented economic challenges in many countries. Against this difficult backdrop, we continue to experience financial issues like rising income inequality, high debts, inflation, etc. While governments are trying to use every trick in the book to cool inflation, we still feel the pain in our living standards. There’s also a consensus among economists on how to get things on track.

While this may sound too much to take in, you shouldn’t give up too fast. Did you know cloud mining is the best way to earn passive income?

Investment and cryptocurrency

Truth be told, some investments offer more lucrative returns than others. But if you get right from the start, you can achieve bigger financial goals. Of course, you can use the extra cash to take your family on holiday, pay debts, or make big purchases.

You’re probably thinking of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Although the market can offer high returns, there are periods of high volatility. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it altogether. Did you know that you can make money with little or no risk? This is where Cloud Mining comes in. It can work for you regardless of your technical expertise.

Cloud mining overview

While the word Cloud Mining may sound like a sci-fi movie, it’s something you can quickly understand. It’s just like your savings account, where you allow experts to manage your investment. Simply put, you lease the computing power from the service provider.

In the past, you had to look for folks with highly specialized equipment. The high cost of electricity was also a major headache – this is not the case today. All you need is to secure a place in the data center and leave the managers to do the work. The profits generated are shared amongst the members. But as more players enter the cryptocurrency scene, you must choose a platform that suits your investment goals.

What are the advantages of cloud mining?

Before you dive into this lucrative investment, it’s worth looking at some benefits.

Secure transactions

Since mining is driven by blockchain technology, there’s no faking of transactions. Cloud Mining can protect you from any fraud. Once a transaction is over, there’s no manipulation by an outside source.


This is another area that cannot be overlooked. Cloud Mining platforms keep the dangers of data theft at bay. And because confidentiality is a priority, your details are never disclosed to third parties.

High revenues

You can generate lots of money with little effort from your side. With the right cloud mining platform, you could start earning and get paid in 24 hours.

No special skills or equipment required

Since the platform has everything you need, you don’t have to worry about your software or technical skills. Additionally, you don’t need additional equipment to get started.


Some platforms offer flexible contracts – you can invest as little as $10. Fancy Crypto has a team of experts with extensive experience that deliver exceptional service across the globe.

Ready to earn income from cloud mining?

Now that you understand the basics, you’re probably curious about the best platform. Fancy Crypto is the game changer in the world of mining. It’s a hassle-free solution since everything is taken care of. Plus, it offers accessible packages.

Once you invest, you could earn a 1-10% return on investment, thanks to hash rate mining capabilities. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to set some money aside to start your mining gig. This explains why it’s the most preferred technology to thousands of users worldwide. There are also lots of package plans in the pipeline.

With instant connectivity and 24/7 uptime, the company makes the process hassle-free for you. The process is similar to normal mining, but each transaction must be validated by the blockchain. The platform has a proven track record of secure transactions and complete transparency.

Cloud mining package

Fancy Crypto offers 7 mining packages to suit the needs of the users.

• Free cloud mining – the contract is priced at $10 for a return of $0.10 within a day.

• Experience project Cloud mining – the contract price is $100, valid for two days at $2.5 daily.

• ETH Cloud Mining – this is a contract price of $300, valid for five days. You earn $4.8 every 24 hours – $24 at the end of the contract.

• LTC Cloud mining – the contract price is $800 for 10 days. You earn $29.25 daily, so you get $438 as interested.

• DogeCoin Cloud Mining – the contract is priced at $1,500 for 15 days. You get $1938 at the end of the contract.

• ETC Cloud Mining – the contract is priced at $3,000 for 28 days. You earn $64.5 every 24 hours, so in the end, you get $1806 plus your initial investment.

• BTC Cloud Mining – the contract price is $5,000 for 56 days. You earn a daily interest of $117, a total of $6,580.

One feature that makes Fancy Crypto unique from the competition is that you can withdraw profits daily without waiting long. After you sign up for an account, you include the hashing power needed in your contract period. This is what makes it attractive to many users.

Does Fancy Crypto offer a referral program?

Yes. Even with a small investment in mining, you can still earn passive income. Fancy Crypto rewards you with 3% on every purchase by your referrals. Plus, there are no referral lifetime or limits. Imagine the convenience of earning without having to invest your money! The referral commissions are credited to your account balance.

Securing your finances

Once you identify a stream of passive income, the next step is to secure your finances. Here are some questions to help you make a worthwhile investment.

• How much do you plan to start with?

• Are you looking for an investment without active management?

• Do you plan to invest away from central banks?

• Are you ready to become part of the digital currency market?

Fancy Crypto guarantees the best investment returns without a large cash outlay. This platform has carved out a reputation for quality services and cutting-edge technologies. The user-friendly interface is easy to understand, and you enjoy 24/7 customer service support. To get started, register on their website and choose a package that suits you best. For more details, please visit

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