Ben ‘Bitboy’ Armstrong asks for donations from his Mansion; Receives over $200K for legal fund

Ben ‘Bitboy’ Armstrong asks for donations from his Mansion; Receives over $200K for legal fund

Ben Armstrong, the former host of the largest crypto-related YouTube channel Bitboy Crypto (now rebranded as Discover Crypto), has managed to amass over $200,000 in donations for his legal fund. A few days after asking his fanbase for contributions, Ben made a post informing his fanbase he would be able to recover his Lamborghini.

Recently, cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong took to the digital sphere to ask for financial contributions. Through this effort, he managed to accumulate over $200,000 in donations from his devoted followers. The community’s financial support appears to provide a glimmer of hope for Armstrong amid a tumultuous period in his life.

Having parted ways with Hit Network— a venture he co-founded, Armstrong faced accusations of drug usage and involvement in a family scandal. This fallout led to the loss of his BitBoy moniker, urging him to rebrand himself simply as Ben.

Over $200,000 gathered so far

Within the heart of his Georgia mansion, Armstrong unfolded his tale of woe over a YouTube livestream. The spacious abode, adorned with marbled countertops, showcased opulence that stood in stark contrast to Armstrong’s narrative of being financially drained.

He shared three digital wallet addresses for those willing to donate: one each for Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum. The donations flooded in, with one of the largest being a near 11,000 USDT from an anonymous benefactor.

Complaining about confiscated Lambo

A significant part of Armstrong’s narrative centered around the confiscation of his Lamborghini Huracan Performante by the Hit Network, an action that he deemed was an attempt to financially squeeze him.

“The fact is I was under duress, I’ve been under duress (…) like, when people see what they did to me with this Lamborghini, trying to bleed me out, that’s what they’re trying to do.”

The luxury sports car, previously under the Hit Network’s name, became a symbol of Armstrong’s alleged financial distress. He spent a significant portion of the livestream discussing alleged death threats, financial plots, and what he termed as “a citizen conspiracy” against him.

A few days later, Ben made a post on Twitter (X) about how he would be able to recover the Lamborghini according to his lawyers.

Ben’s cry for help

Armstrong’s cry for help on social media has garnered him significant support from the cryptocurrency community. The $200,000 in donations reflects a loyal follower base, still willing to back him up despite his recent ordeals and controversies.

However, many have questioned if Ben actually needs the money or is just milking his loyal fanbase. According to the crypto influencer, he was forced to ask for $20 for gas despite having assets worth a fortune. Critics also point out the hypocrisy behind seeking financial aid while simultaneously displaying a lavish lifestyle.

As the saga continues to unravel, it will be interesting to see how legal proceedings will unfold and if Ben will be successful in the bitter quarrel against his former colleagues at Hit Network.

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