Ben Armstrong exits BitBoy Crypto amidst controversy

Ben Armstrong exits BitBoy Crypto amidst controversy

For years, Ben Armstrong has been the central figure behind the largest crypto YouTube channel, Bitboy Crypto. However, Ben has reportedly taken a sudden leave from his position, sparking widespread speculation within the crypto community about the potential reasons.

Taking the Bit out of Bitboy

Armstrong’s exit was first brought to light by Jason A. Williams, the author behind “Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck”.

Jason shared the news on Twitter (X), providing a screenshot indicating Armstrong’s immediate departure from “Hit Network/BJ Investment Holdings and all its subsidiaries,” which notably includes BitBoy Crypto and Round The Blockchain.

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Source: @GoingParabolic

Claims confirmed

Taking to his personal Twitter account, Ben Armstrong validated these claims. He briefly touched upon internal disputes within his company but conveyed assurance in retaining influence despite stepping away.

ZachXBT, a crypto scam investigator, posited a possible connection between Armstrong’s sudden exit and his recent ties to certain dubious meme coins.

Long time coming

Armstrong has become a hated figure within the crypto community for quite some time now. He’s been under scrutiny for advocating high-risk investments to his followers through affiliate links. Moreover, he’s been accused of selling tokens shortly after publicly endorsing them.

Of particular note is his collaboration with the meme coin creator, ben.eth. Their partnership terminated amongst claims of a rug pull.

To add to the growing list of concerns, Armstrong’s absence from a court hearing regarding a harassment charge further tarnished his reputation. The crypto influencer posted photos of a beach cruise in the Bahamas instead of appearing in court.

Uncertainty also looms around Armstrong’s digital currency, $BEN. Although some have expressed doubts about its future, Armstrong has been quick to refute such speculations.

What will happen to the YouTube channel?

As the crypto community awaits clarity on the events leading to Armstrong’s sudden exit, many are hoping he will face legal problems for his shady actions.

Regardless of how the situation unfolds, the Bitboy Crypto channel is continuing to post content with a new host, AJ, and has a major announcement scheduled for today.

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