Beeple vs Bitboy: A squabble spreads on Twitter over $BEN Token

Beeple vs Bitboy: A squabble spreads on Twitter over $BEN Token

In the often tumultuous world of crypto, disputes are not unusual. Still, a recent feud between digital artist Beeple and crypto influencer Bitboy has set Crypto Twitter abuzz with an unexpected twist. This time, we have a renowned artist depicting an influencer covered in monkey excrement and a shocking comparison to a notorious serial killer. As things spiral out of control, let’s sift through the facts.

Unpacking the Crypto Clash

No day is ever dull in the crypto arena. But when Beeple, one of the world’s most successful artists, tweets an image of Bitboy doused in Bored Ape monkey poop, you know things have taken an unusual turn. Even more startling is Bitboy’s retaliation, comparing Beeple to infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

At the heart of this drama lies a curious meme token named BEN. This crypto asset, strangely designed for investment by people named Ben, did not originate from Bitboy but from another influencer, Ben.eth.

When BEN was launched a few weeks ago, it had a near-zero value. However, Bitboy saw potential, buying a 20% stake in the token and control over its liquidity pool for approximately $430,000 in ETH and stablecoins.

The Rise and potential fall of BEN

Currently, BEN’s market cap is hovering below $30 million, seemingly validating Bitboy’s investment strategy. Yet, history tells us that meme tokens like BEN often surge momentarily before crashing spectacularly.

This transaction, unsurprisingly, stirred controversy, leading to accusations of Bitboy’s alleged foul play. Influencer Shwaz slammed it as “mind-blowing idiocy,” potentially landing Ben.eth in a hypothetical “scammer hall of fame.” Beeple, too, jumped on the bandwagon, expressing his criticism through an intriguing digital art piece featuring Bitboy smothered in ape feces.

From defense to deception?

Bitboy responded by defending his actions, denying any pump-and-dump intentions and attributing his investment to a passion for his name. He further promised, via a public pledge showing his ETH wallet address, not to move any BEN tokens for the next six months.

However, in a surprising twist, a Twitter user found Bitboy’s promise short-lived, with all of his BEN tokens dumped just a week later. Bitboy justified this move as a necessary step to boost BEN to a $500 million market cap. This rationale, as you can imagine, didn’t sit well with many, including Beeple.

The unraveling drama: What’s Next?

As the crypto world watches this Twitter tussle unfold, one thing is clear: this is not Bitboy’s first controversy, and it’s unlikely to be his last. As for Beeple and the Crypto Twitter audience, their eyes are firmly fixed on Bitboy’s next move. In the high-stakes, fast-paced crypto industry, the line between ingenious strategy and reckless gambling often blurs. Amid the drama, one hopes for greater clarity, honesty, and accountability.

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