Bebe Rexha celebrates album release with her own Metaverse

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Bebe Rexha celebrates album release with her own Metaverse

Bebe Rexha is revolutionizing the way she interacts with her fans by unveiling a new virtual world. In celebration of her third album, “Bebe,” the Grammy-nominated artist has introduced the Bebeverse.

What can Bebe fans expect?

Bebeverse is a virtual realm that allows fans to engage with the pop star and revel in her latest musical offering. With TerraZero’s Intraverse technology at the helm, the Bebeverse guarantees an engaging and enjoyable experience for all fans.

The Bebeverse welcomes fans on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing for an immersive and interactive experience across all platforms. Upon entry, fans will customize their own Bebe avatar and join a community of fellow enthusiasts.

Disco Disco

The journey commences in a 70’s roller disco lobby, which features a classic heart car, an arcade, and a disco ball engulfed in a kaleidoscope of vibrant, multi-colored party lights. The Bebe Rexha avatar then escorts fans to the Disco Roller Rink, where they can engage in thrilling mini-games and win fantastic prizes.

Following the successful virtual hotbox activation, “The Mothership,” which Bebe Rexha launched on 4/20 alongside her single “Satellite” with Snoop Dogg, the Bebeverse has come to fruition. The overwhelmingly positive response from fans has led Bebe to create yet another unforgettable experience within the virtual world.

Warner Records and Terra Zero’s Intraverse technology have joined forces to deliver a revolutionary platform for artists and brands. The Intraverse product empowers artists and brands to create their own bespoke interactive worlds, ushering in a new era of engagement. Bebe Rexha has taken the lead, becoming the first music artist to harness this groundbreaking technology and propel her fans into the Bebeverse virtual world.

“Bebe” album released on April 28

Bebe Rexha’s latest album, “Bebe,” boasts a collection of chart-topping hits and future radio favorites. Among its notable tracks is the empowering club banger “Call on Me,” her disco-inspired single “Heart Wants What It Wants,” and her collaboration with David Guetta, “I’m Good (Blue),” which has already topped the charts. Additionally, the album features a duet with country music legend Dolly Parton called “Seasons.”

The collaboration between Warner Records and Terra Zero has resulted in the creation of something truly exceptional with Intraverse. The Intraverse technology not only revolutionizes fan engagement but also offers a novel income source for artists and brands. By forming sponsorships and partnerships, they can earn revenue while providing an interactive experience for their fans.

However, the Bebeverse is just the mere continuation of a celebrity-based metaverse trend. Others, like NBA player Steph Curry and rapper Snoop Dogg, have also created their own spaces in the metaverse.

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