Transcending music, crafting blockchain cultural artifacts

Music Transcending music, crafting blockchain cultural artifacts

From the beats of Berlin to the blockchain of Polkadot, the music scene is throbbing with a fresh pulse., a renowned platform for music, is about to imprint its rhythmic footprints on the crypto landscape.

Rhythmic confluence

In a synergistic alliance with Define Creative, is set to launch on Aventus, a substrate of the Polkadot network.

Yet, this isn’t your typical blockchain venture. Sprinkling techno elements onto the canvas of NFT art drops, is weaving a new tapestry in the decentralized world that Ed Hill, the SVP of media services, affectionately dubs “Music+.”

Defining ‘Music+’

In Hill’s words, “Music+” is a symphony beyond mere notes. It creates a gallery of cultural artifacts where music maestros are the artists. These aren’t just sonic compositions; they’re tokens of musical culture, narrating stories, creating videos, and, above all, building a community. Think of as a bazaar, much akin to OpenSea, where the currency is NFTs, and the trade caters specifically to electronic music enthusiasts.

The ‘NACHTS’ genesis

To set the stage for this grand launch, is unveiling a unique cultural artifact – a collection named ‘NACHTS’. Berlin-based photographer Mischa Fanghaenel, an iconic lensman of the city’s vibrant techno scene, has created this masterpiece. 

It features a symphony of 175 portraits, each a unique note that combines to create an awe-inspiring melody of Berlin’s techno culture. Complemented with AI-composed music, ‘NACHTS’ embodies the city’s spirit during the pandemic shutdown.

A cultural archive

What happens when the party stops? Fanghaenel’s ‘NACHTS’ asks this haunting question, pondering the possible cultural oblivion in the event of a permanent club shutdown.

His collection attempts to immortalize the culture, preserving the varied personas that make up the scene. It highlights the importance of inclusive spaces that allow individuals to come together, embrace their identities and relish the beauty of life.

In the pulsating rhythm of blockchain technology, is carving a unique niche. It’s not just about music or NFTs; it’s about preserving, sharing, and celebrating culture in its most vibrant form. In this new age, invites everyone to the dance floor of Web3.

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