BAYC’s “Made by Apes”: A game-changing on-chain licensing initiative

BAYC’s “Made by Apes”: A game-changing on-chain licensing initiative

Emerging from the shadows of the virtual jungle, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) reveals its innovative brainchild – “Made by Apes”. This new platform will offer on-chain licensing to Apes, enabling them to register their businesses or products with distinct license numbers. This groundbreaking initiative, a beacon of Yuga Labs’ ingenuity, sets a new precedent in the rapidly evolving NFT landscape.

Strength in community

At the heart of BAYC‘s tremendous success lies its vibrant and engaged community. The unveiling of Made by Apes underscores the community’s collective strength, uniting the tribe of builders under a common banner of innovation. Over the past two years, BAYC has watched its intellectual property come to life through a plethora of Ape-inspired projects, asserting the club’s role as a vanguard in the NFT space.

A Landmark Partnership

In a partnership brimming with potential, BAYC and SaaSy Labs, an esteemed developer of blockchain-based legal contract solutions, have joined forces to redefine the NFT industry’s boundaries. Their avant-garde solution offers on-chain record and identification functionalities, enhancing BAYC authenticity verification and transforming how the world perceives NFTs.

A versatile tool for NFT innovation

From the echo of the club’s official announcement on Twitter, Made by Apes has rapidly established its significance. A wide range of NFT creators and users can now procure licenses effortlessly via the platform’s application page. 

To ensure the tool’s robustness and inclusivity, BAYC sought out the expertise of industry-leading community brands. Their invaluable contributions have helped shape the standards for commercial rights usage on the platform, spotlighting the potential of collaborative efforts in the industry.

Nurturing community and innovation with Made by Apes

Further testament to the immense potential of Made by Apes is the forthcoming launch of “The Bodega”. This unique feature, set to grace the BAYC website, will showcase all active licenses from the platform, further extending the reach and visibility of community products.

The pioneering spirit of Yuga Labs, exemplified in their Made by Apes initiative with SaaSy Labs, is indeed setting the pace in the NFT world. By utilizing the power of blockchain, they’ve brought forth an on-chain licensing platform that strengthens the credibility of genuine NFT products while fostering a secure and transparent ecosystem. 

As anticipation grows for the Bodega’s launch, one thing is crystal clear: Bored Ape Yacht Club remains unflinching in its commitment to fueling innovation, nurturing its vibrant community, and steering the future of NFTs.

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