BAYC disclosed new information about the HV-MTL series

BAYC disclosed new information about the HV-MTL series

Yuga Labs, the parent company owning the prominent Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), has publicized the advent of 8 series of mechs comprising 30,000 HV-MTLs into its swamp, ready to bring an electrifying phase in the highly evolving space.

30,000 HV-MTLs unleashed

BAYC’s new adventures start with the release of 8 series of mechs, including glitch, dynamic, bio, knight, celestial, reaver, holo, and legendary. The BAYC swamp hosts the 30,000 HV-MTL ready to be summoned and burnt by the earlier eligible Sewer Pass.

The HVs (prominent as Heavy) are dynamic non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can grow depending on the holder’s decision. The HVs are summoned via a cryptic space-time cleft and are hinted to dominate in the looming galactic combat. To break it down, the new chapter, named “It Came Through the Rift,” debuts in April as the associated game set to be released in May.

HV-MTL are here for the cosmic battle

The HV-MTLs include a fascinating mix of arsenal and nonconformity compared to hotdog cannons, also known as curious machines. Their sudden summoning sounds mysterious as they have appeared after being uninterrupted for centuries. According to the inscrutable character, Gary, a looming galactic battle requires the muscle of HV, thus calling for their speedy progression to save the universe. However, it remains unknown whether they are associates or enemies.

The evolution of HVs depends on the owners’ decisions, giving room for highly personalized and collaborative involvement. All the HVs in the 8 series contain an uncountable combination of traits whereby each HV contains unique skills, characters, and duties while the mode of transformation warrants autonomy, each having distinct characters.

HV-MTL Forge disclosed

The Forge is a doorway to enable owners to develop and build a mechanism of dodging dangers and embracing opportunities through maneuvering the highly challenging journey. Users participating in the workshop will not only attain strength to encounter the looming battle but will gain a  permanent position in the highly sprouting Yuga Labs cosmos.

Furthermore, since every HV relies on the choices made by the owner to grow, each user needs to ensure their HV follows articulated nature, making HV-MTL Forge crucial for all owners. 

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