BAYC x BAPE: Fashion collaboration ignites Streetwear Scene

BAYC x BAPE: Fashion collaboration ignites Streetwear Scene

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) announced its fresh collaboration with the legendary Japanese streetwear brand BAPE. The announcement was made on Twitter (X) yesterday by Yuga Labs, the web3 giant behind BAYC.

BAYC arrives on the Streets

The official announcement, originating from BAYC’s official account (@boredapeyc), was mystifying yet enticing. The tweet read “Been a fan since way back”, accompanied by an illustrated image of a closet filled with Hawaiian-themed shirts, among which a white t-shirt embellished with the BAPE logo and a Bored Ape stood out.

It was later revealed that the collaboration will premiere on November 4 at the ApeFest Hong Kong, where a limited edition physical collection will be showcased. Those unable to attend can still snag a piece of this exclusive collection online.

The inaugural collaboration is a tribute to the community, offering Ape NFT holders and BAPE® aficionados exclusive early-bird access to the limited edition apparel and accessories collection. However, a global release in BAPE stores is scheduled for the near future.


Since its inception in 1993, BAPE, short for “A Bathing Ape,” has been a cornerstone in the streetwear realm. Initially propelled by fashion maestro Nigo, BAPE entered the US footwear scene in 2005. Its signature camouflage print and iconic ape head logo are the brand’s quintessence, shaping its design philosophy.

BAPE marked its 30th anniversary in August with a special release—the Forum 84 BAPE Low Triple-White sneaker in collaboration with Adidas Originals. These sneakers, unlike any before, were dropped as NFTs, symbolizing the brand’s first venture into digital asset auctions.

Who will be apeing in?

The revelation has spurred a wave of exhilaration within the Bored Ape Yacht Club community and among streetwear aficionados. The announcement tweet has amassed thousands of likes and retweets in mere hours.

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As the streetwear scene keenly awaits more details, this collaboration already denotes a momentous occasion. It’s a dialogue between heritage and innovation, emblematic of the shifting paradigms within the fashion industry.

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