Bandai Namco announces new virtual pet game with AI and NFTs

Bandai Namco announces new virtual pet game with AI and NFTs

Bandai Namco, the prominent video game creator, has joined forces with Oasys, a gaming-centric blockchain network, to release an AI-driven virtual pet game called RYUZO. The game is built around a series of NFT-based digital pets, RYU.

Bandai Namco releases Tamagotchi-like game

Developed by Bandai Namco Research and Japanese startup Attructure and published by Double Jump.Tokyo, the RYUZO game was launched yesterday. Ahead of the launch, 10,000 NFT eggs, known as MARYU, were airdropped to holders of Oasys’ first series of NFTs in the “Oasyx” project.

Once hatched, the RYU transforms into an SBT (Soulbound Token), a type of NFT that is non-transferable. The approach is reminiscent of the classic Tamagotchi virtual pet game, with the RYU developing a personality and unlocking abilities based on user interaction.

How does Artificial Intelligence fit into the picture?

Oasys states that AI enables these digital pets to learn new abilities, thereby elevating the virtual pet experience above previous iterations. Players can nurture their RYU, who can be fed and raced, and also create successive generations of MARYU within the game.

It is projected that the nurturing phase of the game will last for a year, with the digital creatures remaining active after this period. Oasys has also hinted at future collaborations with “notable game projects” and additional NFT releases. The first collaboration will be a crossover event with Brave Frontier Heroes, developed by Double Jump.Tokyo.

Another traditional gaming studio jumps to web3

Bandai Namco, a union of classic game studio Namco and toy and entertainment company Bandai, is one of the leading traditional game publishers. Their repertoire includes successful franchises such as Pac-Man, Soulcalibur, Tekken, and Elden Ring, a massive hit released last year.

But Bandai Namco isn’t the only high-profile game developer collaborating with Oasys. Ubisoft is also developing its first blockchain game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, on the platform. Earlier this year, Sega’s Virtua Fighter franchise collaborated on the first series of Oasys NFTs, with series creator Yu Suzuki participating.

In March 2022, Bandai Namco launched its inaugural NFT project, World of Den-On-Bu, where users can purchase tokens based on a popular Japanese dance music game series. Last year, the company also announced a metaverse project based on the beloved “Gundam” anime franchise. With an investment of more than $130 million, the ambitious project is slated for an October launch.

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