Axie Infinity releases 6 new celebratory badges on Lunalog

Axie Infinity releases 6 new celebratory badges on Lunalog

Axie Infinity has expanded its array of collector accolades by introducing six new badges on its Lunalog platform. These additions are set to reward the more distinguished and dedicated players.

The significance of badges in Lunacia

Badges aren’t just digital tokens in the world of Lunacia; they’re much more. Drawing parallels from the real world where medals and badges signify honor and valor, in Lunacia, they represent a player’s unique achievements and contributions. 

Axie’s journey has firmly established itself as a seminal tale within the Web 3 gaming ecosystem. Boasting over six years of active gameplay, player accolades have naturally accumulated. In recognition of this, the Axie team has unveiled a special collection, commemorating owners of previously released collectible axies: Japanese, Agamogenesis, Summer, Shiny, Xmas, and MEO.

Axie Infinity new badges
Source: Axie Infinity Blog

Axie Infinity’s new badge details

Here’s what the community needs to know about the newly introduced badges:

  • The Shiny Badge: For players who have a Shiny Axie in their collection.
  • The Summer Vibe Badge: Dedicated to those who own a Summer Axie.
  • The Jingle All the Way Badge: A badge signifying ownership of an Xmas Axie.
  • The Yamato-damashii Badge: For those who have a Japanese Axie.
  • The MEO Badge: Awarded to those who own a MEO Axie.
  • The Agamogenesis Badge: Recognizes players with an Agamogenesis axie.

In addition to these, there’s a buzz around the so-called “Mystery Badge.” Its purpose and how to obtain it remain undisclosed, sparking curiosity among players.

What’s next for Axie collectors?

Collectible Axie owners have always enjoyed a plethora of exclusive rewards. The introduction of these new badges further accentuates their standing in the Axie digital nation. Axie Infinity encourages its players to suggest other potential achievements that could be recognized with future badges, ensuring that the community remains at the heart of its evolution.

With all this excitement around the new badges, the “Mystery Badge” continues to be a focal point of speculation. Players should keep an eye out for further announcements regarding this enigmatic addition, which should be released on Axie’s main social media platforms.

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