Axie Infinity announces details for new season “Rare Era”

Axie Infinity announces details for new season “Rare Era”

Play-to-earn pioneer Axie Infinity has rolled out its highly anticipated fifth season, the “Rare Era”, introducing several new features and rewards designed to tweak and enhance the gameplay and earning mechanics.

What’s new for Season 5?

The latest update includes the debut of three fresh characters, prizes for collectible characters, a substantial reward pool of 112,000 AXS across various game activities, and the reduction in minting costs of Epic and Mystic Runes and Charms.

The three new characters are Momo, Pomodoro, and Venoki. They will be available to players upon the completion of certain starter missions and the acquisition of essential resources. These newly unveiled Axies come equipped with novel abilities, adding a novel layer of strategic depth.

Own these Axies? You are eligible for rewards then!

The owners of particular collectible characters are also in for a treat this season. Players who possess Mystic, Origin, MEO, MEO II, Japanese, Christmas, Shiny, and Summer Axies can expect special gifts to land in their in-game mailboxes. The new reward system aims to add more increase their in-game utility.

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Community pleads for minting costs reduction? Sky Mavis answers

In a move responding to the concerns over high minting costs, Axie Infinity has taken a bold step. The minting cost for Epic and Mystic Runes and Charms is now slashed by half, effectively doubling the minting capacity for players. This reduction may well shift the dynamics of crafting behavior and the marketplace within the game.

Season 5 has also ramped up the rewards scheme with a grand total of 112,000 AXS at stake. These rewards are set to be distributed through various game activities, including Leaderboard Rewards, Fortune Chests, Contests, and Weekly Missions.

With an array of new features and substantial rewards, the new season promises to bring an adrenaline rush to players. Let’s see if Sky Mavis can solve the unsustainability of Axie Infinity’s tokenomics and bring the play-to-earn model back from the ashes.

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