The crypto industry is proliferating, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with everything happening. There are many different types of journalists covering cryptocurrency news, including those who cover the technology itself, those who write about regulation, and even some who focus on the people involved in the space. 

Well, Wayne has been writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2017. However, despite crypto’s perquisites, Wayne seems engrossed in everything NFT. As a metaverse enthusiast, his exploration of the blockchain proved crypto is more than the underlying tech. 

Wayne’s curiosity about the virtual worlds amplified when he realized the potential of Unreal Engines to create a full metaverse. Although not really a staunch gamer, Wayne is fascinated by how the latest versions of Unreal Engines (4 & 5) exceed the functionalities of VR games. 

Apart from just offering a single interoperable environment for gamers, Wayne believes the Metaverse can provide real-world solutions in every industry fortifying humankind lifestyle. Thus, the need to inform the masses about the great stuff they can do in the Metaverse.