His Passion as a writer led him to freelance news writing his early school years. Kester likes to talk about blockchain and is keen on generating plagiarism-free work. Kester also writes on general world news and other emerging niches and research in the crypto world and the world’s economy.

Kester is focused on creating high-quality and highly optimized content. In line with this, he has specialized in emerging blockchain news technical analysis and price predictions. Kester’s articles have surged a quite good number of views on google, leading to a partnership research article with David De Walle of Metacoingraph speaking on how the world economy and blockchain world has changed based on a previous interview with Jim Behling.

He also has additional interests in Forex trading and loves to engage in crypto investing as, in his view; blockchain seems to be the new dawn. He is dedicated to giving the best quality services and focused on delivering work during the required time.