Aurory, one of the most prominent GameFi titles on Solana, announces new release

Aurory, one of the most prominent GameFi titles on Solana, announces new release

Aurory, a flagship game within the Solana ecosystem, has taken a significant step towards its long-term plan by releasing the Prologue to Adventures. This release serves as the game’s foundation, enabling it to scale and expand efficiently for years to come.

Battle your way through snowy mountains

Access to the Prologue is currently restricted to Aurorians, the game’s non-fungible token (NFT) holders, with public availability set for later this summer.

In the Prologue, players will journey to Blanche, a remote village situated amidst the snowy mountains of Tokane. Blanche is a crucial location in the Adventures story, and players will have an opportunity to participate in one-on-one auto-battles called Speed Blitz Duel.

To engage in a Speed Blitz duel, players can battle against AI-generated enemies, putting their skills to the test while placing a specific amount of $AURY tokens as a bet. The AI enemies are divided into two teams: Team Bull, which is composed of Neftie enthusiasts, risk-takers, and adventurers; and Team Bear, whose members are more cautious but strategic in their gameplay. In addition, players will encounter Kitty, a highly regarded Aurorian, and can work towards gaining her favor.

Promising future for Aurory?

According to a statement by Aurory‘s Creative Director, Stephan Carmignani, there is a bright future ahead for Aurory and its devoted community.

The Prologue only scratches the surface of what’s to come, and the team envisions the game developing into a full-fledged light MMO experience as the narrative progresses. They eagerly anticipate seeing the game expand in the years to come.

Blanche’s main plaza will serve as a central gathering spot for Aurorians to socialize, dance, and relax. To meet the community’s demands, a chat feature has been added, allowing players to interact with friends and get to know others within the game.

The main plaza of Blanche in Aurory offers several interactive kiosks for players. One of these is the swap kiosk, which allows direct swapping of SOL and USDC for $AURY. Meanwhile, the marketplace kiosk lets players purchase or sell Nefties, eggs, cosmetics, and other items within the game without the need to leave it.

Inspired by the Final Fantasy franchise

According to Jon Campeau, Aurory’s executive producer and head of production, the game was initially inspired by the exploratory gameplay of the Final Fantasy franchise. He also mentioned that social MMO games like Runescape were a source of inspiration for where they plan to take Adventures in the future.

The development team has implemented a high-quality matchmaking system that rivals that of triple-A games. In addition, the dynamic server logic they’ve employed allows for flexibility and cost control as they can scale up or down based on player activity.

Aurory, which launched as a company in April 2021, currently employs 63 people and has raised $108 million in funding. According to Campeau, the company has developed innovative technology like SyncSpace to provide a seamless gaming experience for players who may not have a crypto wallet, which is often required to access certain games. This little feature has the potential to make a huge difference, as most gamers are hesitant to play blockchain-based due to setting up a whale and buying tokens may

Additionally, staking NFTs through Aurorians on Expeditions can help players earn rewards and enhance their gaming experience within the ecosystem.

According to Campeau, NFTs are crucial for any game that involves collectible items or characters with rarity. He cited the recent Pokemon card scandal and suggested that having NFTs linked to those cards could have prevented it because NFTs are verifiably scarce and trackable.

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