Solana Web3 game ‘Aurory’ announces new expansion and Epic Games Store launch

Solana Web3 game ‘Aurory’ announces new expansion and Epic Games Store launch

Solana-based game ‘Aurory’ prepares to launch its latest expansion, ‘Seekers of Tokane’, along with plans to debut a desktop version on the Epic Games Store. This significant move propels Aurory beyond its browser-based origins, offering a more extensive and immersive experience.

Aurory gets new expansion

Aurory, which has drawn comparisons to Pokémon for its fantasy battle elements, enhances its gameplay with the addition of “roguelike” role-playing features in the new expansion.

This move signifies a significant shift for the game, which is still in development but had previously launched a limited version of its player-versus-player (PVP) Blitz Battles.

It was revealed that Seekers of Tokane will be available in early access to Aurorian NFT holders starting Thursday. Access codes for the broader community are expected to be distributed in the coming weeks.

An in-depth look at Seekers of Tokane

The expansion introduces what the Aurory team describes as “unlimited amounts” of different land for exploration. Players can use their Nefties, magical creatures in the game, to battle others in these new environments. This player-versus-environment (PVE) expansion is a first for Aurory, marking a new direction in its gameplay offerings.

A key feature of the new expansion is a “procedural land generation system.” This means each journey through a portal from Blanche town village leads to a unique, newly generated environment, ensuring no two experiences are the same. This system is expected to add a dynamic and unpredictable element to the game.

The gameplay in Seekers of Tokane mirrors aspects of RPGs like Diablo 3. Players explore new lands, battle enemies, and search for an exit portal to return to Blanche. However, if a player dies before finding the exit portal, all accumulated loot is lost. This “roguelike” RPG element adds a challenging and potentially rewarding layer to the game.

Aurory’s Executive Producer, Jonathan Campeau, expressed excitement about the procedural content, stating:

“We have an infinite amount of game worlds to explore. That’s the beauty of the system we designed.”

New features in the Seekers of Tokane (SoT) update include an avatar customization system, enhanced controls in PVP Blitz Battles, and a Neftie upgrading system named “The Amplifier.” The avatar customization feature alone brings 67 different options for non-NFT avatars, allowing for a wide range of fashion choices.

PVP Blitz Battles are also getting a significant upgrade. Players now have more control over their battles, with the ability to select each of three moves for their Neftie per round. This feature, inspired by Pokémon, also introduces elements that make certain Nefties stronger or weaker against others based on type.

The aim is to derive inspiration from Pokémon’s simplicity while adding a unique twist, leading to the development of the ‘3 actions per turn’ battle system, now known as Blitz Battles.

Overcoming challenges

Despite its success on Solana, Aurory faced challenges in web browser-based game development. Campeau cited technical limitations with WebGL, which led to performance issues and long load times. These challenges were instrumental in pushing the team to explore other distribution channels, like the Epic Games Store.

Campeau’s excitement about the transition from browser to desktop is palpable. He believes the experience difference is “insane” and eagerly awaits player feedback. With the upcoming launch on the Epic Games Store, Aurory is set to reach new heights in the gaming world, transcending its browser-based beginnings to offer a richer, more engaging gaming experience.

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