ATP Tennis Tour debuts customizable 2023 Finals posters for fans in NFT Drop

ATP Tennis Tour debuts customizable 2023 Finals posters for fans in NFT Drop

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is set to launch a unique collection of customizable digital and physical tennis posters for the upcoming 2023 Nitto ATP Finals. This innovative project was born from a partnership with digital art platform Artchild.

An artistic serve by Honor Titus

Scheduled for the season-ending tournament in Turin, Italy, from November 12-19, the centerpiece of this collection is a core poster designed by the Los Angeles-based artist, Honor Titus. Internationally acclaimed for his tennis-themed artworks, Titus observed that tennis’s rich history and elegant nuances make it a captivating subject for artists. This fundamental poster by Titus will shape the canvas for fan personalization.

Fans will have the opportunity to tailor their own versions of the official Nitto ATP Finals poster via Artchild’s platform. This customization includes selecting from artist-curated color palettes, allowing for a personalized touch to the memorabilia. Each custom poster will be accompanied by a corresponding NFT collectible, minted on Polygon.

Exhibition and Auction for a cause

Each NFT poster purchase includes a physical print, marrying the digital and tangible worlds of art. These posters, serving both as a keepsake and a piece of sports history, will be shipped directly to the purchasers.

Select fan-designed poster renditions will earn a spot for display at the tournament’s prestigious Pala Alpitour arena, highlighting the fan-artist interaction. Moreover, the ATP finals singles players will add their creative flair, designing unique poster versions for a charity auction. The proceeds from this auction will bolster an environmental initiative aimed at enhancing green spaces in Turin.

A legacy of iconic sporting posters

Reflecting on the initiative, Mark Epps, ATP’s Director of Communications and Web3, remarked that the project reimagines one of the most iconic collectibles in tennis – the tournament poster.

This initiative is seen as a continuation of the legacy of iconic sporting posters, cherished by fans for generations.

ATP’s Expanding NFT Footprint

The customizable posters aren’t ATP’s first foray into the NFT space. The organization previously collaborated with Art Blocks and artist Martin Grasser on the “Love” digital art series, reflecting match data from the 2022 Finals. In a nod to continuity and rewarding loyalty, owners of the “Love” NFTs from the previous year can claim one of these customizable 2023 posters for free.

This novel approach by the ATP Tour, integrating digital innovation with traditional memorabilia, not only offers fans a new way to connect with the sport but also sets a precedent in the merging of digital art and sports culture.

As the ATP continues to push the boundaries, it’s clear that the world of sports memorabilia and fan engagement is entering a thrilling new era.

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