Atari reveals retro jackets exclusive for NFT holders

Atari reveals retro jackets exclusive for NFT holders

Atari, a name synonymous with the golden age of gaming, is making waves in the blockchain space once again. The iconic brand is resurrecting its Atari Club, complete with Members Only jackets, but there’s a twist: these coveted items are exclusively available to holders of Atari’s ARC NFTs.

Retro gaming jackets

Launching on Thursday and available until December 1, these navy blue zip-up jackets are a modern take on the 1980s originals. Unlike their predecessors, these jackets feature thicker material and an embroidered Atari logo, a change from the original removable patch.

The initiative is part of an official collaboration with Members Only, a fashion brand that shares 80s gaming heritage.

The official website reveals that ARC NFT owners, introduced in May, don’t just get early access to these jackets. They also enjoy voting privileges, discounts, and presale access to other merchandise. While the new jackets won’t be in buyers’ hands until February or March of 2024, the company offers a stopgap solution: fans can purchase patches with the logo and adorn their jackets upon arrival.

Blockchain gaming pioneer

Tyler Drewitz, Atari X director, sheds light on the company’s six-year journey in blockchain. He acknowledges the divisiveness of the space and the traditional gaming community’s apprehension towards Web3 gaming.

“Atari was really pushing the limits of both tech and gaming,” Drewitz stated. The company, founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell, pioneered the video game genre. Now, it sees Web3 as pivotal in the evolution of technology and gaming.

Atari condemns play-to-earn

While the gaming giant developed its own Web3 ecosystem, Atari X, we shouldn’t expect a deluge of crypto-powered games just yet. Drewitz critiques the quality of hastily developed blockchain games and hints at exploring Web3 player ownership and other integrations. These might even subtly weave into classic titles.

One thing is clear: the company is steering clear of the “play-to-earn” model. Drewitz believes the focus on earning detracts from the fun. Instead, he envisions enhancing gaming experiences using Web3 technologies.

Looking ahead

The gaming pioneer had previously celebrated its 50th anniversary with a phygital release. The gaming giant partnered with to release an NFT collection combined with physical posters and framed prints.

The Members Only jackets symbolize more than fashion. They represent a bridge between eras, a nod to the past while embracing an evolving digital future.

As the gaming giant continues to merge its retro legacy with future-forward technology, other renowned studios like Square Enix and Ubisoft are exploring how to implement blockchain technology into video games best. Hopefully, through trial and error, we will soon witness a blockchain game that can captivate the masses and change the stigma related to NFTs.

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