Atari NFTs to Gain Physical Life through Partnership

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Atari NFTs to Gain Physical Life through Partnership

Atari has decided to bring its 50th-anniversary Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection to the physical world with the help of

New Life for Atari’s NFT Collection 

Any holder of the Atari anniversary collection can now visit, connect their Ethereum wallets, and turn their Atari NFTs into framed prints and posters, breeding new life into the collection, which was first released back in September. is powered by a partnership with Pixels, one of the largest print-on-demand technology companies in the world. Pixels allow any image-based NFT to be quickly transformed into hundreds of physical products, allowing designers and artists to turn their non-fungible token work into a phygital product.

“50 Years of Atari”

Earlier this year, Atari launched a collection of 2,600 NFTs to mark its 50th anniversary to pay tribute to the iconic Atari 2600 game console. The collection, which was announced in April and released in September, featured artwork from their classic games. The NFT artworks were designed by Brazilian pop culture artist Butcher Billy.

The release of this collection was a way for Atari to celebrate its history and to offer fans and collectors a unique and limited edition set of NFTs. The stylized artwork by Butcher Billy adds a modern twist to the classic games, making them even more appealing to fans of both Atari and pop culture art. 

The collection, dubbed “50 years of Atari”, was a hit with videogame fans and NFT collectors alike, selling out a few short hours after being released on Opeansea, the world’s largest NFT Marketplace. Now, the latest partnership with Pixels gives collectors a chance to own a tangible version of their digital artwork that portrays a piece of video game history and celebrates the Atari brand and history. 

Atari Loves NFTs and Blockchain Tech

Over the years, Atari has been dipping its toes in the murky crypto waters. The latest collaboration with Pixels and its 50th-anniversary collection is just the latest venture that Atari has made into the world of blockchain technology. In fact, the company is becoming quite a pro.

Back in November 2020, the video game company launched its own cryptocurrency token, $ATRI. However, the token was not as successful as expected, and its valuation dropped significantly and rather quickly. 

Although the project was promoted by public figures like former soccer player Ronaldinho Gaúcho, the project was dropped in April this year. Citing a lack of control over the management of the $ATRI token, the company announced that it would eventually release a new version of its token.

Later this year, Atari decided to go all in and announced Atari X, an initiative that will be the focal point of all the company’s Web3 and blockchain-related efforts and ventures. The Atari X project is now working with Co:Create and leveraging its platform to issue the upcoming web3 tokens that will replace $ATRI.

Atari isn’t the only videogame console giant to eye NFTs and blockchain technology. A new patent for Sony PlayStation shows that the company is looking to use NFTs to track in-game assets.

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