Asia Broadband launches GoldenBaboons website in anticipation of the release of Gold-Backed NFT Baboons

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Asia Broadband launches GoldenBaboons website in anticipation of the release of Gold-Backed NFT Baboons

The Golden Baboons Mining Club (GBMC) is AABB’s first NFT collection. It is backed by gold, just like the AABBG token from Asia Broadband. The new collection website is already available and gives all the necessary details related to the project. A registration area is also available to sign up for the first NFT release in January. 

What does the new website offer?

On, it is already possible to buy GBMC clothing to support the initiative. A gallery of NFT Golden Baboons samples is also available on the site, as well as a section called “Lore” which tells the story of the Golden Baboons and the character Ahbibi.

The website also features the compelling hip-hop theme song “Join the GBMC” to commemorate the history of the collection. Musician BrandYn Burnette, who has more than 100 million clicks on his music, produced the song.

For Chris Torres, President and CEO of the AABB, it makes sense to create a gold-related NFT project. The argument for this, he says, is that his company is a gold mining company. Moreover, the AABBG digital token is also supported by gold. 

Thus, the group’s objective, according to the CEO, is to unite all the components of the AABBG. This is to raise awareness in a playful way by creating an adorable character that looks like a mascot. This character will embody the spirit and community of all AABB enthusiasts.

With this vision in mind, the company has decided to integrate its GBMC Baboon Army into the NFT world. This initiative will not only reassure shareholders but also strengthen their loyalty.

The company has launched a discussion forum on Discord and has been active on Twitter since the NFT project was unveiled last month. By following the new Twitter account, investors, token holders, and subscribers of the company can now keep up to date with recent changes to the NFT project.

Gold makes the GBMC a unique collection

Before and after the minting of the GBMC collection, the Golden Baboons NFT team will be offering a number of questions and answers on Twitter. This will allow future holders to understand the process, interact, and stay informed.

Community and utility, two important components of a successful NFT project, are already present with the GBMC. Given the enthusiasm and interest that members of the AABB community have shown for the GBMC from the outset, the project has significant initial momentum. With the help of the company’s physical gold, the GBMC also has a singular utility.

Two months ago, Asia Broadband Inc announced a set of patented NFT representations. In particular, it promised to finalize these representations before the NFT was introduced to the market. For several months, Asia Broadband has been working on a development process with a group of NFT designers and consultants to create the first branded NFT representations.

Asia Broadband does not want to be left behind

Recently, the group has launched several operations in this new digital business area and implemented its NFT business plan. As a result, AABB is now strategically positioned to create a variety of NFT marketplaces for distinct categories of digital content, such as music, sports, and video media.

In addition, AABB has a comparative advantage in the rapid processing of NFT transactions in the marketplace. In the coming years, the AABBG coin, the AABB wallet, and the AABB exchange could be combined.

It is the company’s existing digital technology platforms, based on its blockchain, that are being used to create NFT market networks. Not wanting to be left behind, Asia Broadband has carefully focused on new and emerging solutions in the growing NFT sector.

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