Artificial Intelligence (AI) related NFT collections shine in the market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) related NFT collections shine in the market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens are on the rise as ChatGPT takes the world by storm.

Increase in floor price 

Revenants and iNFT Personality Pods have attracted attention after recording a significant increase in floor price. Data from CoinGecko indicate that the two have recorded a high increase rate, with Revenants by Alethea AI recording a $39,728.24 in floor price and a 17.5 ETH sales volume in the last 24 hours. 

The data also indicates that 100 NFTs held by 69 unique owners have been minted, resulting in a $3,972,824.31 market cap.

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According to CoinGecko statistics, iNFT Personality Pod (POD) recorded a floor price of $600.23, which amounts to a 36.9% increase. The last 24 hours have seen the sales volume reach 15.35 ETH, whereby 9873 NFTs held by 1344 unique owners have been minted as of today. The iNFT Personality Pod recorded a $5,926,049.66 total market cap.

Revenants collection

Revenants are created by Alethea AI, a company that boasts of revolutionizing the NFT world to incorporate an Intelligent Metaverse known as Noah’s Ark. The collection has 100 intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) representing cultural and historical symbols starting with Nikola Tesla, Cleopatra, Napoleon and many other great icons in history. iNFTs reincarnate great historical heroes, making it possible for users to interact with great minds as NFTs.  

The 100 distinctive NFTs of the Revenants collection are in the OpenSea marketplace and LooksRare platform for users to mint. Presently the 100 NFTs are held by 69 unique owners.

iNFT Personality Pod (POD) collection

The iNFT Personality Pod NFT collection came to the market through Alethea AI. Its debut in the NFT market brought significant changes because it enables users to power their NFTs through Personality Pod to attain an intelligent NFT (iNFT).

After turning an NFT into an iNFT through fusing with the Pod, a user can experience the evolution of the NFT and interact with Noah’s Ark, the pioneer intelligent Metaverse in the world.

Users can trade their iNFT Personality Pods through the world’s biggest NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea and LooksRare. Contemporary, the markets offer 9873 exceptional NFTs under POD NFT held by 1344 unique owners.

AI technology and NFTs

The high rate of the floor price increase by NFT collections under the artificial intelligence (AI) technology sector is a sign of the evolution in the NFT world. Alethea AI, a Singapore-based firm and one of the world’s leading companies in AI advancement, has opened the platform for incorporating AI in NFT creation.

The CEO of Alethea AI, Arif Khan, indicated that the technology enables users to come up with iNFTs of their choice through a prompt. The company has unveiled a new mechanism known as ChatGPT to advance AI technology.

iNFTs come to the NFT market as a new way of exploiting the potential of NFTs while opening the economic, imaginative, and social prospects for the crypto industry.

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